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September 29, 2011 07:00 ET

Royal Oak Holistic Veterinarian Announces Natural Treatments for Pets

ROYAL OAK, MI--(Marketwire - Sep 29, 2011) - Woodside Animal Hospital in Royal Oak announced that the practice provides holistic medical care for animals. The small animal vet clinic offers a variety of holistic treatments including pet acupuncture, chiropractic care, soft laser therapy, pulsed magnetic therapy, herbal therapy, homotoxicology, cryotherapy, prolotherapy, bioresonance therapy, and stem cell therapy. The veterinary hospital provides care for dogs and cats, as well as birds, pocket pets, and some exotic animals.

Dr. John Simon, a holistic veterinarian with more than 40 years of experience, announced that his Royal Oak veterinary hospital provides holistic veterinary care. Dr. Simon is a leading holistic veterinarian who in 1982 became the first certified pet acupuncturist in Detroit. He recently became the first vet certified in Michigan as an "in-house pet stem cell therapist."

"Our veterinary care team strongly believes in the benefits of holistic care," said Dr. Simon. "That's why our small animal vet clinic's philosophy is 'The Care We Give is More Than Medical.' Our goal is to help prevent diseases and keep your pets healthy and active for as long as possible. We find that a holistic approach to animal care delivers superior results for both pets and their caretakers."

Holistic veterinary care treatments include pet acupuncture, chiropractic care, soft laser therapy, herbal therapy, homotoxicology, cryotherapy, prolotherapy, bioresonance therapy, and stem cell therapy. According to Dr. Simon, many of the treatments are combined with conventional medical care to enhance the outcome for pets suffering from chronic pain or for treating cancer in dogs and cats.

"Treatments like pet acupuncture and chiropractic care can help pets manage pain when traditional treatments or anti-inflammatory medications fail," said Dr. Simon. "For example, limping dogs who are struggling to walk and run can greatly benefit from these treatments. Even dietary changes like the addition of fish oil can naturally help your pet become active again, without the need for prescription anti-inflammatories."

Dr. Simon believes that a holistic approach to treating chronic illnesses, such as cancer in dogs, when combined with conventional veterinary care provides superior outcomes for pets.

"Sadly, cancer in dogs is a leading cause of death," said Dr. Simon. "When treating cancer, I often combine holistic treatments with conventional medication. The holistic treatments are essential to strengthening your pet's immune system, while traditional medications act as an important 'stop gap' to prevent the cancer from spreading."

Dr. Simon personally takes each sick pet's history and performs tests and therapies frequently relegated to technicians. He also dedicates extra time to holistic appointments in order to fully explain each treatment and discuss different care options.

In addition to his work as a veterinarian, Dr. Simon is a published author who writes a regular column for Natural Awakenings Magazine. Pet owners can read excerpts from Dr. Simon's writings, including those discussing the benefits of holistic care, on the practice's website,

Pet owners who wish to learn more about holistic veterinary care may do so by visiting the practice's website. Individuals who wish to schedule an appointment with the veterinary hospital can do so using the online appointment request form on the website.

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