June 13, 2013 08:07 ET

RSPCA Choices: Who Will Get Your Support?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - June 13, 2013) - The RSPCA is not just the oldest animal welfare charity in the world - it is also large and diverse organisation working in lots of areas to prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals.

Many generous animal lovers support the RSPCA every day with donations that enable the famous charity to carry out the work that makes such a difference to the lives of millions of animals, in this country and around the globe.

But what if they want to support a particular area of the RSPCA's work? Well, thanks to RSPCA Choices, that's now possible.

Launched in April, RSPCA Choices is an entirely new approach to fundraising for the charity. The website lets you browse a number of animal welfare projects funded by the charity and instead of donating to the charity as a whole; you can choose a specific animal welfare project to support.

Supporters may have a special place in their hearts for cats, dogs, horses or other animals. They might have rescued their pet from the local RSPCA Animal Centre and want to help more animals find loving new homes. Whatever the reason for supporting the RSPCA, this new transparent approach to raising funds gives supporters the choice on where the money goes.

Julian Holmes Taylor, Head of Fundraising at RSPCA, explains: "People have lots of different reasons for supporting the RSPCA and their donations are vital to us. By offering them choice and showing how their generosity really can make a difference, we hope to make supporting the RSPCA an even more rewarding experience, and in turn inspire a new audience of supporters to the charity."

Once RSPCA supporters have chosen a project, they are encouraged to support in one of three ways:

  1. Make a donation
  2. Set up a fundraising page and collect sponsorship
  3. Share the project (through email and social media) with friends and family

And it doesn't stop there. Supporters will get regular updates telling them how their chosen project is going and the positive difference their donation is making.

As Tamsin Stone, a RSPCA supporter from Leighton Buzzard commented "RSPCA Choices lets people pick and get more engaged. I'm much more likely to donate for a specific cause than something generic."

Durham based American Football team the DC Presidents have been one of the first groups using the site. Jeff Rutter, CEO of The DC Presidents, said 'Everyone at our club really liked that we could use Choices to decide exactly where the money we raised would be spent. As a club we've decided that we want to raise funds for our local RSPCA Animal Centre and using the new Choices website makes it quick and easy for everyone to start raising money straight away.'

Following the launch of the site four weeks ago the early signs have been very positive, with the number of fundraising pages set up exceeding expectations by over 300%. The site is also demonstrating its potential to attract a new audience of fundraisers.

It's still early days for RSPCA Choices and there's a long way to go before the website starts generating a significant proportion of the charity's fundraising income. Until then the RSPCA will continue testing the potential of the site to raise vital funds that will help the charity to help even more animals in the future.

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