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RTDNA Canada

June 16, 2016 15:09 ET

RTDNA Canada Releases New Code of Journalistic Ethics

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 16, 2016) -

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The RTDNA Canada Code of Journalistic Ethics has long been the industry standard for broadcast journalism as administered by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) since 1993. A major revision of the Code of Journalistic Ethics will officially replace the existing Code of Ethics on Canada Day, 2016. The RTDNA Canada membership approved the changes at the national meeting held in Toronto in early June.

The revised Code is platform agnostic and RTDNA Canada encourages all practicing journalists to adopt the guiding principles, whether they work in broadcasting or digital platforms. Past president and Ethics Committee Chair Andy LeBlanc says the code can differentiate those who practice ethical journalism, "Now online journalists can establish credibility not only by practicing ethically but by informing their readers, viewers and listeners that they have adopted the RTDNA Canada Code of Journalistic Ethics, ensuring a level of trust that separates them from those who present information with bias or deliberately misinform the public." The new Code is divided into five areas: Accuracy, Fairness, Independence, Integrity and Respect.

During the rewriting process the association consulted with the leadership of the news networks as well as with the CBSC which stated that it would be pleased to administer the revised code vis-à-vis its broadcaster associates. The CBSC commented that the new code was well written and effectively streamlined and modernized the guiding principles of the RTDNA.

Commenting on the new Code, RTDNA President Ian Koenigsfest says many of these principles have been applied and elaborated on in CBSC precedent decisions. "The updates reflect the changing landscape of our industry, anyone using these guidelines -- broadcast, digital or social -- will meet the standards of professional journalists in Canada." Koenigsfest added, "...this code has never been more important to the future of an industry that requires such an instrument to separate the journalists from the aggregators, citizen bloggers and pretenders."

Link to Code http://www.rtdnacanada.com/rtdna-code-of-journalistic-ethics-2016/


RTDNA Canada is the voice of broadcast and digital journalists and news managers in Canada. We believe an informed public is vital to a democratic society. Canadian Journalisms purpose is to serve the public interest. It is our responsibility to act independently, to be fair and respectful, and to report the facts. The RTDNA Canada Code of Journalistic Ethics, adopted by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, is used to measure fairness and accuracy in our profession. We welcome its adoption by all practicing journalists.

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