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December 28, 2010 09:00 ET

RTG Ventures Holds Management Meeting: 'Dry Runs' Technology Products and Prepares to Launch Corporate Logo

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 28, 2010) - RTG Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: RTGV) management team met in London on December 20 to continue ongoing stewardship of the business plan. This month's meeting focused on the presentation of product demonstrations being scheduled beginning January 24, and continuing for approximately ten days in Los Angeles and New York. The commercialization of RTG Ventures' technology validates the company's vision and represents the achievement of a significant performance hurdle.

Dominic Hawes-Fairley, CEO & President of RTG Ventures, summarized: "We are very proud of what the team has achieved in a short space of time. RTG Ventures has disruptive technology, our products will make quantum changes in the industries they are designed for. Insiders in the space have told us that we're on to something no one else is doing... and that our innovation will be welcomed [by the right people]. That's heady stuff."

Media Systems Division
Colin Burgess, Technology Director, demonstrated the CloudChannel and products. Media Systems primary development focus has been the live music video market. The launch of 1.0 next month will evolve to 4.0 by the end of 2011. The company is now forecasting revenue generation opportunities at each stage of development.

The foundation of the division is CloudChannel, a cloud-based application which enables media rights owners to monetize their assets through an auto-syndication engine which distributes the digital video based on its content. During the presentation, Burgess indicated that there was significant interest in the platform from outside the music industry as well. Reinforcing that theme, he announced that the company was in negotiations with a non-music content owner which could lead to a new revenue stream in the short term. Hawes-Fairley interjected: "This is a perfect example of being opportunity driven. Music has a longer development lead, and that focus has the largest long-term source of company growth, but here is an unexpected source of revenue, available because all of us are leveraging our relationships and expertise in the business." is the consumer web TV service which streams live music video to digital devices. Burgess demonstrated the service through web browsers and on an iPhone and premiered RTG's first productions.

Payment Systems Division
Jasper Dalgliesh, Commercial Director, presented the new website for iPayu which will go live in early 2011, the interface with the banking system and detail of the first three market-specific applications the company is marketing. This is the launch previously announced to take place in December. A brief description of each application is provided below:

Accounts iPayu is a cash management system for e-commerce companies that hold funds "on trust" for their customers/affiliates. The system offers significant savings in managing back-end payments to customers/affiliated and facilitates low-cost global payments. There are also revenues of consequence in currency exchange that RTG Ventures intends to exploit.

FX iPayu offers multi-currency mobile accounts for individuals who do not have bank accounts. The application will be offered through universities, private schools, language schools and other educational organizations with overseas students. FX iPayu will also seek to partner with distributors of pre-paid debit cards to offer value-added account services and foreign exchange to their consumer base.

Events iPayu is a mobile pre-paid application for cashless payment systems used at events like music festivals, trade fairs and country fairs. These kind of payment technologies are emerging at a rapid rate. Google recently announce its new generation of phones would include a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. Events iPayu and services like it will be required to provide the add cash services to pre-paid devices as well as more sophisticated banking services, all of which iPayu has already been designed to do.

Solutions Division (renamed from Software and Services Division)
Reggie James, Managing Director of Digital Clarity (DC), presented financials for Q1 which will be included in the 10Q due on January 15, 2011. His results confirmed the high performance of DC with a net profit of approximately 30%. Other highlights include additional capacity through new hires to support client additions. Organic growth has been the focus thus far, however, an acquisition search is underway to leverage the momentum already established to increase revenues further. In addition to its digital marketing consulting business for external clients, DC is RTG Ventures in-house expert to build subsidiary websites including the revised and sites.

As part of brining the media and payment systems divisions' products to market, it was imperative to design a corporate logo which would represent a media monetization company with ancillary businesses, each of which are an integral part of the public company's brand. A logo has been selected, will be available by view on the company website tomorrow ( and will integrated as part of the new brand identity for the company and its divisions in early 2011.

James explained: "The company's objective was to create a strong logo that would make RTG Ventures public identity congruent with the exciting and disruptive nature of its technology products. The new logo will have a distinct 'play' icon that uses strong contemporary typography while retaining a bold classical style."

James also presented the strategic overview for the investor awareness program that is underway. In a short time, the company's website has begun its transformation into a state-of-the-art investor platform, new investors have begun to learn about RTG Ventures, are doing their due diligence and daily market volumes have increased. The website is a branding vehicle, so its positioning is crucial to this effort. This means the foundation is being carefully constructed. RTG Ventures' management continues to be frustrated that traders seize the slightest of gains instead of allowing the price per share to breathe and gain traction. Nonetheless, the audience in the social networking environments has just begun to build and will be exponential and flowing. Analytics thus far clearly point to an upward trajectory. Hawes-Fairley's CEO Live interview has now been viewed over 1,350 times. Part of the analysis going forward will be to evaluate the effectiveness all of the social media platforms being utilized to increase the shareholder audience for RTG Ventures. This data will be reported as part of the monthly reviews and interested investors can track RTG Ventures on Twitter by following @RTGVentures.

Hawes-Fairley commented: "It is crystal clear to all that the ultimate measurement is the share price, therefore, this effort is a key focus and challenge for the company. We have high expectations for 2011."

Marie Barry, Managing Director, Bitemark MC (BMC), reported that even in the midst of an exceedingly weak retail market in Europe, BMC sustained better than expected revenues. To take advantage of the poor economic conditions there, Barry presented a reorganization plan recognizing the consolidation taking place in the market which will result in lower fixed costs to position BMC for profitable growth in 2011. The focus will be on the retail side of the business through a relaunch of the franchised retail concept with flagship stores. 2011 will see two of the flagship stores in the United States. In the past, the US activity was limited to sales through distributors, so this initiative represents an aggressive marketing strategy to take advantage of the US economy which is beginning to show economic growth in the retail sector.

Hawes-Fairley concludes:"RTG Ventures continues to execute its business plan to build shareholder value through prudent leverage of its assets, both human capital and businesses. The company's strategy will deliver strong ROI for years to come.

"RTG's technology products are on the verge of creating and building revenues as forecasted, while the Solutions Division is providing the cocoon for the development. DC has solid returns and BMC is handling difficult trading conditions well, while refocusing the business. So, overall, we are on track with targets, while also identifying unforeseen opportunities which occur to leverage expertise, human capital and synergies in place. We have had an amazing year, and we look forward to a bright 2011."

RTG Ventures, Inc. is a NASDAQ BB listed company (OTCBB: RTGV) offering a turnkey media monetization solution to rights owners of music video content. At the heart of RTGV's total product offering is a Monetization Platform which allows rights owners to define and tag media content in detail, set and enforce rights management and distribution rules, receive payment on distribution and obtain detailed analytics in real time.

RTG Ventures is organized as three divisions: Media Systems, Payment Systems and Solutions, each of which contains both wholly-owned companies and joint ventures with independent business plans, strategies and management. In addition to servicing their discrete markets, these companies all contribute to RTG Ventures' total product offering for media rights owners. For further information, see

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