SOURCE: RTG Ventures, Inc.

RTG Ventures, Inc.

January 31, 2011 10:55 ET

RTG Ventures LA Mission Yields US Partnerships

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - January 31, 2011) - RTG Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: RTGV) is negotiating partnerships with established US businesses, following a trade mission to Los Angeles last week. Over four days, a busy program of meetings identified at least two highly attractive partnerships that can accelerate entry into the US market and exploit new business models using RTG's technology. The company is anxious to share details of the initial strategic alliances, but all the meetings were held under mutual non-disclosure agreements and until the ink is dry on the resultant contracts, the parties and specifics of the discussions must be held in strictest confidence. However, both Colin Burgess and Jasper Dalgliesh will be contacting their technology counterparts in the respective companies to begin evolving how we can work together. One immediate effect will be our network base in the US will broaden exponententially.

Dominic Hawes-Fairley, RTG's CEO and President, said: "Reaching the 1.0 milestone for both CloudChannel and iPayu was an important step because it has allowed us to show business partners real products with real potential. The reaction to what we're doing was far better than we could have expected and we're now in the process of negotiating partnerships that should see our entry into the important US market accelerated."

Audigist is RTG's laboratory to test the commercial scale of iPayu, in an environment the company controls, which in turn can be further demonstrated to the wider commercial community. The company did just that in LA, the results were very positive and contracts will be developed as a result.

Hawes-Fairley added: "Making sure our relationships and the deals that define them are papered correctly is a labor-intensive task and as soon as we can announce the actual signed document, we will."

Next stop on the business development trade mission is New York, where meetings will take place later in February to build on the momentum from Los Angeles. The team is planning a return trip to LA in early-March for another round of meetings, some with additional new entities which have grown out of the initial discussions.

Hawes-Fairley commented: "Our business is developing like lightening and there is no one else who has our technology. During one meeting, a highly-placed media executive said: 'This technology REALLY is disruptive.'"

That affirmation begins the commercial journey of RTG Ventures' products which have been under development and are ready to produce revenues, supporting the forecasts of $8m in first year and $50m by year 3. Some of the prospective initial partners have been invited to RTG's monthly management meeting being held in London on February 16 to develop details of the partnerships.

Hawes-Fairley concluded each of the discussions with an action plan and provided summaries of the common ground: "In LA, we found that we were not just selling our products and services, but because we found real synergy there are important things the other parties can do for RTG too. We're evolving an action plan and next steps we can take together with each partner to develop applications which no one else is doing. In an industry moving at lightening pace, that means everything. We aren't a just a vendor, we are a partner and, as such, we're part of their future."


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