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November 22, 2010 09:00 ET

RTG Ventures Management Meeting "Full Speed Ahead": Acquisition of NUA Into BMC

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 22, 2010) - RTG Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB: RTGV) continues to make strong progress in execution of its business plan. In London last week, following a Board meeting, the operating companies' senior executives made presentations measuring their progress to date and identifying development milestones for 2011. This was the first planning and stewardship meeting since the company filed its consolidated financials in September 2010. In less than three short months, much has been accomplished and the company is reinforcing its intention to be opportunity-driven and nimble.

As reported in earlier announcements, RTG Ventures has been appointing new team members to drive development of its technology products and version 1.0 of both its payment and media monetization systems will be taken to demonstrations in Los Angeles and New York next month. The company has also entered discussions with significant potential global strategic partners to accelerate development, deployment and commercialization of its products.

Dominic Hawes-Fairley, Chief Executive Officer and President of RTG Ventures, Inc., said: "The meeting in London was electric. We've got a team of truly amazing people and to see them all in the same room for the first time was something special. There are so many synergies between our companies and meetings like this allow us to identify new revenue streams that can make an immediate impact to the bottom line. Great businesses are built by great people and we've got the best."

Media Systems Division
The Media Systems Division will shortly complete a pre-market release of its disruptive media monetization system, CloudChannel. The full system, which is due for release in 2011, creates a secure mechanism for rights owners of live music video to automatically distribute their content to digital media platforms with monetization built into the stream. The global live music market is estimated to be worth $22 billion and is still growing. The CloudChannel application is being built using best of breed technology from existing global IT vendors to aid speed to market, but the kernel of the system, the rights management and business rules engine, is being developed in-house.

A content accumulation program has commenced and in addition to monetizing content on behalf of other rights owners, the company will be acquiring rights by producing its own content. A rights acquisition strategy has been created and is being executed with four productions planned to be completed by mid-December.

The Media Systems Division is simultaneously developing a consumer-facing web TV service called which will stream live music video to digital devices including computers, mobile applications and pad computers. is fed content by the CloudChannel application and will offer subscription-based access to premium live music content.

The redesign is nearly complete and the service is being moved to new, bigger servers to cope with its rapidly expanding artist and MP3 databases.

Payment Systems Division
The Payment Systems Division completed its pre-market release earlier this year and Digital Clarity's redesign of the iPayu website is nearly complete which will enable public marketing activity to commence. Wireless payments are one of the hottest areas of technology development. Last week, Google announced that it is working on a mobile telephone with a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip that will enable phones to transmit the payment information of the device's owner to vendors using compatible technology. Importantly, Google intends to forge partnerships with third party companies to handle the payment mechanisms. This is exactly the direction that iPayu is heading and the first commercial implementation of iPayu is due to be announced shortly.

The company has commenced a strategic partner acquisition program and has already met with two companies that offer complementary solutions to iPayu in order to accelerate adoption of the technology. These meetings have opened new opportunities for iPayu and should accelerate revenue generation in 2011.

Software and Support Division
BMC has been re-aligning its wholesale business and in that strategic review, it was determined to take advantage of the difficult conditions in consumer markets and the inevitable consolidation that occurs. In line with RTG Ventures' strategy to vertically integrate in its markets, a boutique retail business, Nua, has been acquired and its operations will be merged with BMC to facilitate development of retail business in the US. There is a viable franchising model which could be implemented as the economy continues to improve. Marie Barry, the Founder and Managing Director of Nua, was previously announced as the Managing Director of BMC.

A new distribution agreement has been signed with a fast growing US beauty and lifestyle brand and the collection was launched in early November. The brand has a strong celebrity following with several major film and music personalities featured in its marketing campaigns. BMC expects its 2010 research and development projects to be commercialized in early 2011 and to enhance its product development capabilities, discussions are well progressed with a manufacturing partner in the Far East. The partnership will enable BMC to secure exclusive new products for distribution, speed time to market for new own branded, patented products and establish a Far East distribution center for the future.

Digital Clarity continues to outperform the targets set with new client wins monthly. A new initiative for RTG Ventures, led by Reggie James, will re-tool RTG Ventures' website as a flagship site for investor awareness and communication. Utilizing his expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and the world of social networking, James will transform the site into a fully socially integrated destination with Twitter, Facebook and other state-of-the-art technologies utilized to aid powerful communication and promotion of the company. An announcement dedicated to this high priority initiative will be made early next week.

Digital Clarity is now contributing to the strategic marketing plans of all RTG Ventures companies. With specific expertise in developing analytics to measure market reach, demographics and detailed user data, Digital Clarity is key to securing competitive advantage online.

Digital Clarity has been upgrading its US activity and in a recent report in Growing Business Magazine (, Reggie James says:

"NYC has always been the hub of the advertising industry worldwide, and we believed having a foothold there would help add weight to the company's activities in the UK, as well as open up new revenue streams in a mature market. We also believed it would be advantageous to be close to the sales and marketing hubs of the major search and social media companies."

After the solid interchange of ideas and with milestones set for the future, RTG Ventures sees progress in every operating unit with growth coming organically and by acquisition in a very bright 2011. The management team will continue to steward every aspect of the overall venture, while assessing any new opportunities presented and will provide that information to its shareholders and to the public as it occurs.


RTG Ventures, Inc. is a NASDAQ BB listed company (OTCBB: RTGV) offering a turnkey media monetization solution to rights owners of music video content. At the heart of RTGV's total product offering is a Monetization Platform which allows rights owners to define and tag media content in detail, set and enforce rights management and distribution rules, receive payment on distribution and obtain detailed analytics in real time.

RTG Ventures is organized as three divisions: Media Systems, Payment Systems and Software and Services, each of which contains both wholly-owned companies and joint ventures with independent business plans, strategies and management. In addition to servicing their discrete markets, these companies all contribute to RTG Ventures' total product offering for media rights owners. For further information, see


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