SOURCE: Ruckus Network, Inc.

September 20, 2007 10:24 ET

Ruckus Network Launches New Facebook® Application to Expand Reach of Free, Legal Digital Content Service

Ruckus® Service Delivers Enhanced User Experience, Offering Features Through Popular Social Network

HERNDON, VA--(Marketwire - September 20, 2007) - Ruckus Network, Inc., provider of the only ad-supported, free and legal digital entertainment service for college students, today announced the launch of a new Facebook® application as an extension of the increasingly popular Ruckus® service. Used by students at more than 1,000 schools nationwide and offering a comprehensive music library of more than three million free songs, Ruckus is the preferred legal multimedia service by educational institutions and students alike. The new application, My Ruckus Music, brings the best of social music apps and many music subscription services to Facebook, free and legally. My Ruckus Music works in conjunction with the Ruckus player and brings much of the Ruckus service's functionality to Facebook, providing an interactive new way for students to share and discover music with friends in the massive Facebook community.

My Ruckus Music Users Can:

--  Show-off their top played and recently downloaded tracks, along with
    newly created playlists and album reviews right on their Facebook
--  Check out other users' latest Ruckus info, giving them direct links to
    free and legal digital downloads
--  Stay in the loop on the latest record releases, as well as national and
    school-specific top-ten popular music charts
--  Download featured playlists and reviews from students around the
--  Enter a back-to-school contest offering the chance to win "The Perfect
    Dorm," just by downloading and sharing the application with friends
    --  Prizes include: a Sony VAIO notebook laptop, an Xbox 360 with
        Guitar Hero and two wireless guitars, a Bose multimedia speaker
        system,  a Westinghouse flat-panel LCD monitor and more

My Ruckus Music Rocks:

--  Survey Says: A preliminary survey of more than 200 Ruckus "power users"
    suggests a strong viral start for the application:
    --  82 percent of those polled would use My Ruckus Music
    --  86 percent said they would recommend it to a friend
    --  To date, over 6,000 Facebook users have downloaded My Ruckus Music


--  Before using the Ruckus application, college students with valid .edu
    email addresses must download the Ruckus player at
--  My Ruckus Music is available for download at:, or through a Facebook application
    search for "Ruckus"

Notable Quotes:

--  "One of Ruckus' core beliefs is that music discovery is very much a
    community-oriented process," said Mike Bebel, CEO of Ruckus Network.
    "Students love to show off their lifestyle, and there is no better way
    to do it than through the music they listen to.  By launching a
    Facebook application that works hand-in-hand with our player, we are
    making it easier than ever for Ruckus members to share their music,
    album reviews and playlists with peers. Increasingly, students
    nationwide have been using Ruckus as an outlet to connect with their
    campus community, and through our Facebook application, we are giving
    them yet another way to interact with friends and classmates, as well
    as their media libraries."
--  Students are saying:
    --  It seems like new Facebook apps are constantly coming out, and most
        of them don't offer much to make you want to keep using them. My
        Ruckus Music is different because it works with something my
        friends and I use all the time.
    --  So far, it's been an awesome way to keep track of the latest
        releases, and add some new stuff to my playlists.

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