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The DNA Ancestry Project

The DNA Ancestry Project

December 13, 2007 15:00 ET

Rudolph Joins DNA Ancestry Project

Famous reindeer enjoys North America's number one hobby

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2007) - The DNA Ancestry Project is pleased to announce today, that Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer has joined the online networking community and has created a profile. Currently preparing himself for his big night, Rudolph can be contacted through his profile page at where other users can email, post photos and messages and join his network. Visitors may also send an electronic postcard to their friends comparing Reindeer DNA to human DNA.

"Rudolph's DNA "Rangifer tarandus" was sequenced by a group of scientists in 2005 (Genebank AB245426) - this is the real thing," said June Wong, Vice President, Laboratory Operations, Genetrack Biolabs. "Humans are genetically similar to many other creatures on earth, including approximately 85 per cent similarity to reindeer and surprisingly, 61 per cent similarity to the fruit fly."

Experts speculate that Rudolph's DNA holds a genetic marker that makes the likelihood of a shiny nose highly probable. Whether flight is a dominant or recessive gene in reindeer has yet to be determined.

Parents and children visiting Rudolph's page are welcome to email messages to the famous reindeer wishing him well on Christmas Eve, post photos and to network with Rudolph and his other friends.

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Genetic Genealogy has become a very popular branch of Genealogy, North America's number one hobby. Genetrack is proud to be the official testing laboratory for the DNA Ancestry Project, a remarkable ancestral project which allows people to embark on an ancient journey to discover their ancestral past, traveling back in time 150,000 years to re-discover the amazing journeys of their ancestors. Launched in 2005 and retailed in BestBuy and Bay stores, the DNA Ancestry Project is a phenomenal success with more than 1,994,778 users worldwide.

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