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March 05, 2008 16:45 ET

Rust Consulting Ensures Lightning Fast Backup and Recovery With Quantum's Data De-Duplication Solution

Multiple DXi™ Appliances Slash Backup Times by 66 Percent and Cut Restore Times From Hours to Minutes for Insurance Consulting Firm

Firm Describes Quantum Experience as "Yardstick by Which I Would Like All of Our Other Vendors to Behave"

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - March 5, 2008) - Quantum Corp. (NYSE: QTM), the leading global specialist in backup, recovery and archive, today announced Rust Consulting has significantly accelerated backup and recovery processes by implementing Quantum's DXi™ disk backup and replication appliances with data de-duplication technology. Deploying two DXi5500 appliances, Rust Consulting cut its backup times by 66 percent, improved restore times from a day to less than 20 minutes, and reduced disk capacity by 90 percent compared to conventional disk storage.

"Quantum's DXi-Series gives us the time to do a lot of other things like get a good night's sleep or actually update our servers," said Tim Holtan, systems analyst for Rust Consulting. "We now have a maintenance window instead of having to sit there waiting for our backups to finish."


Headquartered in downtown Minneapolis, Rust Consulting is a 500-employee firm providing third-party class action lawsuit claims processing. The company's backup needs are quite different than most firms. In addition to the usual email, database and document files, 30 to 40 percent of its data consists of small TIF files containing images of claims forms.

"Architecting a solution for hundreds of different styles of backup was one of our biggest challenges," said Eric Christensen, senior systems administrator for Rust Consulting. "The primary goals were to get our backups completed within the established windows and to speed up file recovery."

The old backup system sent data from a single media server to a small SCSI-attached tape library. The system was too slow to keep up with a 40 percent annual rate of data growth, and there was never enough time to clone tapes for archiving. Once data was moved off-site for disaster recovery protection, a daily ritual for the company, all file restores came from off-site copies.

Quantum's Consultative Approach Makes Purchase Decision Easy

Rust Consulting considered moving to newer tape technology, but at the suggestion of its value-added reseller, Rust investigated Quantum's DXi disk backup systems with data de-duplication to augment tape resources. Data de-duplication technology allows users to reduce the amount of disk storage needed for backups, allowing companies to use disk to retain data locally for fast restores as well as increase backup performance.

Although Rust Consulting considered alternative suppliers, Quantum provided the most effective solution, including help with re-architecting the backup system. "Quantum was very involved from the beginning in helping us find a solution that best fit our needs, versus some other vendors who just wanted to come in and sell product," said Christensen.

An important part of the Quantum sales process is a detailed sizing exercise that accurately determines the right solution based on backup window, data types, growth rates, and retention needs. Because tape provides disaster recovery protection and long-term retention, a proposed optimal mix of disk and tape is included with configuration recommendations.

Quantum's consultative approach helped Rust in its final decision to purchase two DXi5500 disk backup systems. The Quantum systems were configured with both a Fibre Channel virtual tape library interface and a NAS interface with multiple streams being written to each unit simultaneously.

Stellar Reliability and Support Ensure Lasting Relationship

"Quantum has been the yardstick by which I would like all of our other vendors to behave," said Holtan. "The level of service that they have given us is beyond compare. There's nobody else that even comes close."

The DXi solution has been so effective that Rust Consulting is planning to buy another set of DXi5500s for the company's collocation facility. These units would act as a target for replication and disaster recovery with data coming both from the data center and, eventually, from smaller satellite offices.

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