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August 29, 2012 11:37 ET

RVPlus, Inc. CEO Provides ECCO2 Project Development Updates to Shareholders

JERSEY CITY, NJ--(Marketwire - Aug 29, 2012) - RVPlus, Inc. (OTCQB: RVPL) (PINKSHEETS: RVPL) Chairman-CEO, Cary Lee Peterson, updates shareholders observing the previous month's business activities and progress since the IP acquisition with ECCO2 Corp and DBS Distributors in May of this year. The Company has recently filed a Form 8K report for a definitive material agreement with African government for $1.8 billion to supply and install American made energy efficient and sustainable green products that reduce carbon-emissions and energy consumption in transportation and facilities. This week RVPL will begin participating in a career and job fair tour held by First Lady Michelle Obama's Joining Forces organization and, a subsidiary of Bradley-Morris, Inc., a job recruiting agency for transitioning US Veterans. The Company anticipates the participation will allure the best talent and experience to enable the fulfillment of active ECCO2 projects.

Letter from RVPlus CEO:

Dear Stockholders:

RVPlus, Inc. (OTCQB: RVPL) (PINKSHEETS: RVPL) has made significant progress in the past four months since change in control of Company. There was a Form 10K filed recently for the previous year as a development stage company; in addition, we have since finalized our first major government contract with the Ministry of Environment for Nigeria after two years of negotiations. You can go to the News page on the Company website and find a news article from 2010. The agenda for carbon credit development by using products sold by RVPL is still very much active. This is a task which will be fulfilled by ECCO2 Corp, our sister company who operates as a NGO for United Nations. RVPL is only the supplier of the goods used to develop these carbon credits. The more goods shipped and utilized the more carbon credits generated. Thus, the Company has began hiring workers, preparing initial product shipments, and arranging first meetings with the parties who are amongst the ECCO2 Civil Society for Nigeria. Partial shipments will commence in September 2012 and continue thereafter for next 10-years to total $1.8 billion in gross sales for the Company.

For those of you who do not understand what the Form 8K last week was all about let me clarify. Goods are shipped to client's freight forwarder in the US, in this instance Nigeria with a commercial invoice (e.g.; $100,000.00 USD). Upon receipt of those goods the commercial invoice is credit insured and sold to a factoring bank who makes a cash payment to RVPL within a few days even though the commercial invoice may be net 60-90 days from the date goods were delivered to Nigeria. Nigeria government forwards this commercial invoice to the designated financial aid programs (e.g.; United World Fund, Green Climate Fund; etc.) that have already pledged and guaranteed funds to cover cost of sale for commercial invoice sent to the client. In our case, we anticipate a single shipment per week over the next 520 weeks, which is the total duration of the Nigeria Contract, which would mean a cash payment from factorer every week.

2012 can be summarized in three statements:

1. The Company is not immune to economic challenges of today, thus, RVPL is focused on delivering results in the areas we can control to enable cash-flow positive modules and project deployment that are sustainable and economically viable to meet the objectives for the designated projects.

2. In difficult times we remain committed to our strategy and operating priorities due to the fact that our methodologies for energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction remain evident based on our ongoing monitoring reports overseen by United Nations standards and regulations.

3. We are building significant earnings power that will be delivered to our shareholders as the expansion of supply chains and work force broadens throughout the duration of ECCO2 projects by utilization of factoring of commercial invoices billed to clientele, all of which are top government agencies for developing countries.

Focusing on What We Can Control to Generate Growth
The Company will start slow, fulfilling smaller size shipments and work out any kinks in the rope, while establishing a comfort level for all parties involved with the Nigeria project. By the sixth month RVPL should be able to broaden its supply chains and work force, creating several hundreds of domestic and overseas jobs for Americans to deploy all requirements to fulfill the Nigeria contract.

Creating & Delivering Long-Term Shareholder Value
Nigeria is far from everything happening with the Company at the present time, negotiations with five other countries are nearing completion. These expansion plans with new foreign government clients are more likely to become concrete before the end of 2012. The completion dates are all dependant upon foreign politics, delegations, project financing from various sides of the deal and schedules of government officials, who can be as busy a federal secretary or senator in America.

Closing Statement
In closing, I will alert all shareholders by way of Form 8K report including financial statements for the Company from May through August 31, 2012 which are expected to be filed for public display the first week of September. In addition, to maintain quarterly reporting requirements of the SEC, the Company shall be filing a Form 10Q for May through July 2012 before October 15, 2012. This will display how the Company is performing operationally and financially at the present time. RVPL and ECCO2 Partners will be participating in several job fairs throughout the country to hire the best workers for our domestic and overseas business affairs. Its taken loyalty, commitment, perseverance, and strong political and corporate networks to get the Company to this point. We are all blessed to be able to say we're part of a mission for helping the world and the people in it.


Cary Lee Peterson
Chairman-CEO, RVPlus, Inc.
(dba ECCO2 TECH dot Com)

ECCO2 (acronym for Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide) is a corporate interface for universal clean technologies that are sustainable, reduce carbon emissions, and energy efficient in residential homes, commercial buildings, and transportation.

ECCO2 has appeared in major media outlets such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNN, MSNBC, and Bloomberg, in addition to participating in various clean-tech awareness conferences held by government agencies and private organizers.

ECCO2 Corp, the non-profit sister company of the 'ECCO2 family,' was recently admitted to the United Nations Department of Economic Social Affairs by the DESA NGO Branch as an official non-governmental organization and is also an affiliate partner of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change by partnership with Center for Climate Change and Environmental Studies, an admitted observer organization for the United Nations. This status held with the sectors of the United Nations opens many windows of opportunity to over $100 billion in financial aid to fund ECCO2 projects.

Additionally, effective August 20, 2012 the Company has relocated its primary office from Austin, Texas to a rental office space located at 2500 Plaza 5, 25th Floor Harborside Financial Center, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07311, in efforts to be closer to United Nations headquarters in New York City, in addition to legal, accounting, banking, production, and logistical partners that the Company does business with on a regular basis.

The Company continues to operate as a partner and supplier for American made products that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in facilities and transportation.

These operations include projects for climate change, social affairs, and economic development with RVPlus' sister company, ECCO2 Corp, an admitted NGO for United Nations Department of Social Affairs.

For more details about RVPLUS and ECCO2, go to

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