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Rx Security Inc.

September 09, 2008 14:05 ET

Rx Security: Medicaid Requires Tamper-Resistant Prescription Pads by October 1, 2008

PORT CHESTER, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Sept. 9, 2008) - Rx Security, a leading supplier of tamper resistant prescription pads warns Medicaid beneficiaries to ensure their medical practitioner has written their prescriptions on counterfeit-proof prescription pads. As of October 1, 2008, pharmacists could turn away prescriptions not written on counterfeit-proof paper. Medicaid requires all prescribers - eg. doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners - to use tamper-proof prescription paper by that date. It will not reimburse pharmacists who produce prescriptions that do not comply with regulation.

"Our concern is for the public," says Margot Hayes, President of Rx Security. "In March 2008 when Medicaid implemented its first regulations to protect against prescription tampering, forgery and copying, our business more than doubled. Some companies in the industry were not able to meet the demand, leaving medical practitioners scrambling for suppliers. We don't want Medicaid beneficiaries to be negatively affected by the regulations so we encourage them and medical practitioners to ensure they have ordered tamper-proof prescriptions well in advance."

In an effort to decrease prescription drug abuse and increase Medicaid program integrity, prescriptions written for outpatient drugs to a Medicaid beneficiary must meet the following criteria, as of October 1st:

1. One or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent unauthorized copying of a completed or blank prescription form; (Example: Void appears on any reproduction.)

2. One or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent the erasure or modification of information written on the prescription pad by the prescriber; (Example: Erasure resistant background)

3. One or more industry recognized features designed to prevent the use of counterfeit prescription forms. (Example: Thermochromic Ink on warning band)

"Since tampering, forging and copying of prescription forms are very common ways to access prescription drugs, these are logical targets in the war against prescription drug abuse," explains Margot Hayes. "One of the most cost effective and convenient weapons is the implementation of counterfeit-resistant prescription forms. With the deadline fast approaching, many printers are increasing production to meet the demand. Medical offices should check with Medicaid or their local pharmacy to ensure that their present forms meet the new regulations."

On March 1st, 2008 prescribers were required to meet only one of the above requirements. Some physicians opted for band-aid fixes such as a stamp, sticker or checkbox as a short-term solution. This solution will no longer be acceptable as of the October 1st deadline.

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Rx Security is a leading North American supplier of counterfeit-resistant prescription forms. With over 30,000 clients across Canada and the United States, Rx Security is in the top 3 direct-to-doctor suppliers. Our focus is to design, develop and supply products that will assist doctors in reducing prescription drug abuse. In 1989, the original team designed, developed and introduced the first counterfeit-resistant prescription pads to the marketplace.

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