September 25, 2007 10:18 ET

RxNT Releases EMR Lite Solution

ANNAPOLIS, MD--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - RxNT, the leader in electronic prescribing, today announced the release of their newest product called RxNT EMR Lite. RxNT's new EMR Lite solution will not only provide healthcare groups with a more cost effective EMR solution but will provide their existing clients with a quick seamless upgrade from e-prescribing. The best part is the price. RxNT is offering their EMR Lite for the same cost as their e-prescribing solution already in the hands of thousand of physicians.

"Physicians love our e-prescribing system and have been asking us to develop an EMR for years. RxNT has released EMR Lite to satisfy this demand," says Randy Boldyga, President and CEO of RxNT. "We believe this product will be our strongest product to date."

Unlike typical e-prescribing to EMR upgrades that can be time consuming and tedious, upgrading from RxNT's e-prescribing system to the EMR Lite will be quick and easy. How quick? The switch will take just minutes.

"If a group uses our e-prescribing system for a few months and elects to upgrade to our EMR, the EMR training will take more time than actual switch to our EMR. It's as simple as logging out of RxNT e-prescribing, a support member making the switch to each physician's profile, and the physicians logging back into our system. It's that simple!" states Mark Wiggins, Chief Operating Officer.

RxNT has basically taken their famous e-prescribing engine that has processed more than 7 million prescriptions since inception and dropped it into their own EMR Lite solution.

RxNT is also announcing today that EMR Lite is now certified for an electronic connection to the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange™, operated by SureScripts.

"The value of pharmacy interoperability is not new to RxNT. The RxNT e-prescribing solution is certified and enabled on the Pharmacy Health Information Exchange, operated by SureScripts. This has allowed thousands of physicians to increase office efficiency, save time and, most importantly, improve patient safety," said Rick Ratliff, chief operating officer of SureScripts. "With today's announcement, RxNT brings that same high function, pharmacy interoperability capability to its new EMR product. A direct electronic connection with pharmacies -- or pharmacy interoperability -- is central to eliminating the faxes, phone calls and other potential points for error in the prescribing process."

The EMR Lite will support RxNT's mobile e-prescribing functionality and will not require any upgrade when switching between products. Their product presently supports Palm and Windows Mobile handheld devices.

RxNT's EMR Lite was developed using Microsoft .Net technology, which allows for a more streamlined, patient centric solution. Additional features include:

    Electronic Referrals: The EMR Lite application allows providers to
    generate patient referrals and send outbound referral forms directly to
    the referred-to provider.
    Patient Encounters: Users can customize templates to record data
    gathered by providers during a patient encounter.  This function allows
    for flexibility to handle the diverse needs of multiple physicians and
    Electronic Charting: A provider can track patient's vital information
    including weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar and
    respiration rate. These vitals can then be easily charted in graph
    Electronic Scheduler: The easy-to-learn scheduling function streamlines
    the tasks for front office staff. Because the scheduler is built right
    into the EMR, a physician can view his appointments as the staff
    schedules them. A specific patient's schedule can be accessed directly
    from the patient history page.

These features are fully integrated into RxNT's famous e-prescriber and allows for customization depending on user preference. Many of the functions for the new version were developed based on feedback and suggestions from physicians who currently utilize RxNT.

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RxNT is a national electronic prescription provider located in Annapolis, Maryland. Our high-caliber product reinforces patient safety by reducing error, drug incompatibility issues, and illegibility. RxNT can be found at or for more information please call us toll free at 800-943-RXNT.

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