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January 10, 2007 10:20 ET

Rydex Offers Twice-a-Day Pricing for Mutual Funds via National Financial Platform

ROCKVILLE, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 10, 2007 -- Rydex Investments today announced twice-a-day pricing capabilities for a selection of Rydex mutual funds via National Financial, a provider of Integrated Brokerage Solutions® to nearly 350 broker/dealers representing 70,000 brokers, and the clearing provider for Rydex Financial Services. The new pricing capabilities, which match the pricing functionality currently offered direct through Rydex, give brokers and their clients the ability to take advantage of market liquidity.

One of the few fund families to offer twice-a-day pricing, Rydex Investments introduced the capability in 2000 to help investors manage intra-day risk, especially during a volatile market.

"We believe in empowering investors with the tools necessary to manage risk and enhance returns," said Kevin McGovern, mutual fund business manager at Rydex Investments. "We're pleased to be offering twice-a-day pricing to a significant investor population through the diverse distribution network of National Financial, one of the largest clearing and custody providers in the U.S."

While mutual funds are traditionally priced once a day according to their market close value, select Rydex funds on the National Financial platform will offer pricing at 10:45 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

With the exception of the Rydex U.S. Government Money Market Fund, which is available for intra-day exchanges, the following funds price twice daily through Rydex Investments and National Financial:

Rydex Fund               Benchmark            Class H   Class C  Class A
Rydex S&P 500 Fund       S&P 500 Index®       RYSPX     RYSYX    RYSOX
Rydex Russell 2000 Fund  Russell 2000 Index®  RYRHX     RYROX    RYRRX
Rydex Dynamic Dow Fund   Dow Jones Industrial RYCVX     RYCYX    RYLDX
Rydex Dynamic OTC Fund   Nasdaq 100 Index®    RYVYX     RYCCX    RYVLX
Rydex Dynamic Russell    Russell 2000 Index®  RYRSX     RYRLX    RYRUX
 2000 Fund
Rydex Dynamic S&P        S&P 500 Index®       RYTNX     RYCTX    RYTTX
 500 Fund
Rydex Inverse Dynamic    Dow Jones Industrial RYCWX     RYCZX    RYIDX
 Dow Fund                Average(SM)
Rydex Inverse Dynamic    Nasdaq 100 Index®    RYVNX     RYCDX    RYVTX
 OTC Fund
Rydex Inverse Dynamic    Russell 2000 Index®  RYIRX     RYIZX    RYIUX
 Russell 2000 Fund
Rydex Inverse Dynamic    S&P 500 Index®       RYTPX     RYCBX    RYTMX
 S&P 500 Fund
Rydex U.S. Government    n/a                  n/a       RYCXX    RYAXX
 Money Market Fund
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