August 24, 2011 12:16 ET

Rypple Launches Flow, a Social Newsfeed Optimized for the Big Screen

Rypple Flow Captures the Heartbeat of Organizations by Broadcasting Successes and Updates in Real-Time on Wall-Mounted TV Monitors in Offices

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 24, 2011) - Rypple, the web-based social performance management platform, has launched Rypple Flow, a social stream of important company information. Flow is a version of the Rypple newsfeed optimized for large format TV monitors. Installed in shared workspaces, it make sure the information crucial to helping teams stay on track and perform better has a presence beyond the desktop.

Rypple's Flow displays successes and updates in real-time on wall-mounted TV monitors, instantly transforming a plain wall into a valuable engagement tool. Flow automatically updates to reflect the most recent news, so your team is always informed. The new feature will be available free to customers of Rypple's Premium and Phenomenal Plans.

"When employees know where they stand and what is expected of them, they are more engaged and they perform better," said Daniel Debow, co-CEO of Rypple. "We built Rypple to help companies create social, collaborative, visible workplaces, and Rypple Flow keeps you connected to what's happening at work—regardless of what's up on your desktop."

Rypple worked closely with a select group of customers to refine Rypple Flow, including ebook retailer Kobo.

"We wanted to break down barriers and create an open, transparent workplace," said Jennifer Ricci, VP of Employee Experience at Kobo. "When you share information, it helps build credibility. Displaying Rypple Flow on flatscreens around our office has really helped increase visibility and engage our people."

Hundreds of innovative companies including Facebook, Gilt Groupe, and Photobucket already use Rypple's social performance platform to help them celebrate success publicly, perform fast, efficient feedback loops, and coach employees to achieve their goals.

With Rypple Flow, teams can stay connected in real-time to the events that matter at the company. Did the CEO just post a new key goal for the next quarter? Did the sales team just close a game-changing account? Did a colleague just get recognized for great work? An up-to-date view of what's happening keeps teams feeling engaged. Just like a stock ticker, Rypple Flow is always on — so teams are always informed.

Pricing and Availability

Rypple is a web-based SaaS platform that can be accessed directly online. It requires no installation and managers can get started immediately at www.rypple.com.

The platform is available in three versions: a freemium version that provides basic capabilities; Rypple Premium, which costs just $5-per-user-per-month and includes access to Rypple's goals, real-time peer feedback, one-on-one coaching, and recognition applications; and Rypple Phenomenal, which costs just $9 per-user-per-month and includes Rypple's rapid performance summary application, Loops, extensive support, rollout, and integration into existing company work systems.

About Rypple

Rypple is a social performance platform built for the way we work today—in real time. With Rypple, teams can share key priorities and get the continuous feedback, coaching, and recognition they need to consistently achieve their goals, making performance management painless and effective.

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