December 13, 2011 10:00 ET

Rypple Unveils Social Goals 2.0-The World's First and Best Answer for Managing the Social Enterprise

With Social Goals 2.0, High-Performing Companies Empower People to Set Audacious Goals, Collaborate to Achieve Them, and Focus on the Results That Matter

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2011) - Rypple, the company that is reinventing the way dynamic companies manage, motivate, and empower their people, today announces Social Goals 2.0, the world's first and best answer for how to manage inside a social enterprise. Social Goals 2.0 is built on the proven Objectives and Key Results (OKR) model developed by Intel and widely-adopted by some of the world's highest-performing companies, including Google, Zynga, and Spotify. Rypple has integrated Social Goals 2.0 into its internal, web-based social performance management software to help companies inspire people at every level to drive real business results.

Rypple is used by some of the most innovative, fastest growing companies in the world, including Facebook, Gilt Groupe, Zendesk, and Spotify. "We worked closely with Spotify on Social Goals 2.0 to adapt the results-driven philosophy of OKR for the social enterprise," said Rypple co-founder and co-CEO Daniel Debow. The leading digital music service uses Social Goals 2.0 to provide their people with real-time visibility into the key objectives of the company so they can rally around them and drive business growth.

"For a high-growth company like ours, things change quickly," said Johan Persson, Organizational Development Manager, Spotify. "Rypple enables us be more transparent across the organization and keep our employees focused on what really matters. OKRs give all staff an opportunity to look beyond their e-mail inbox, and significantly increase employee understanding of key priorities and objectives across the business."

In direct contrast to yesterday's generation of static, top-down, process automation tools like SuccessFactors and Taleo, Rypple's Social Goals 2.0 is the first management framework for today's agile, social enterprise. People can keep track of what their colleagues are working on in real-time, align themselves around common goals, and easily adapt their objectives to changing business conditions.

"We are growing so rapidly, it's easy for the team to get sidetracked on engineering projects that aren't mission critical," said Adrian McDermott, VP of Engineering, Zendesk. "What's great about Rypple is that it gives me a real-time window into what everyone is working on. I can see how we are progressing and make sure we all stay focused on the right things."

"We believe people want to make a meaningful contribution - not just spend their days doing useless busy work that doesn't move the business forward," says Rypple's Debow. "Rypple Social Goals 2.0 is about real business execution. It's about delivering something managers and employees will actually use day-to-day to help them focus on what really matters."

Rypple Social Goals 2.0 helps employees align their interests with the larger goals of the company. A recent survey of 4,200 global executives by McKinsey found that the "likeliest organizational changes" in the next three to five years will include: 1) the self-organization of teams; 2) the flattening or disappearance of formal hierarchies; and 3) the evaluation of individual performance by peers rather than by managers. With the additional of Social Goals 2.0, Rypple's social performance management software is helping companies prepare for this new management paradigm.

"Rypple's Social Goals 2.0 allows companies to engage people in the work that really matters to achieving business objectives," said Bill Kutik, an independent analyst and technology columnist for Human Resource Executive. "Rypple's social tool for management gives full transparency into their work, which makes people more accountable for the results."

The Rypple Platform

Rypple is a web-based SaaS platform that helps people advance their careers, teams achieve their goals faster, and companies retain their top performers. The platform allows teams to share key priorities and get the continuous feedback, coaching and recognition they need to consistently achieve their goals making performance management painless and effective.

Pricing and Availability

Rypple can be accessed directly online and requires no installation. Managers can get started immediately at http://www.rypple.com.

Rypple is available in three versions: a freemium version that provides basic capabilities; Rypple Premium, which costs just $5-per-user-per-month and includes access to Social Goals 2.0, real-time peer feedback, one-on-one coaching, and recognition applications; and Rypple Phenomenal, which costs just $9 per-user-per-month and includes Rypple's rapid performance summary application, Loops, as well as extensive support, rollout, and integration into existing company work systems.

About Rypple

Rypple is web-based social performance management software that helps managers and employees improve performance through social goals, continuous feedback and meaningful recognition. Designed to build a transparent, results-driven work culture, Rypple replaces the traditional performance review with an easy, social and collaborative approach so people know where they stand and are accountable for achieving their goals. Thousands of high-performing organizations use Rypple, including Facebook, Gilt Groupe, Kobo, Mozilla and Rackspace. Founded in 2008, Rypple is funded by Bridgescale Partners, Edgestone Capital Partners, Peter Thiel and veteran team of angel investors. Learn more at www.rypple.com.

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