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September 08, 2005 11:14 ET

S Call Launches Chat Protection Software for Children

ChatGuard Acts as a Virtual Neighborhood Watch by Blocking Online Sexual Solicitation of Children

MONTGOMERY, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 8, 2005 -- S Call Communications LLP, a technology developer in the fields of telecommunications and computer software aimed at improving user personal security, today announced the release of ChatGuard software. ChatGuard, which can be purchased online at, has the capability of alerting legal authorities and parents to unwanted solicitations from unknown adults towards children in online chat rooms.

In some states, online sexual solicitation of a child is not illegal; ChatGuard works to block chat room solicitors, and provides law enforcement officials information that helps enable sting operations. Designed for home computer deployment, ChatGuard integrates invisibly with common chat room interfaces and monitors online dialogues for words and phrases that indicate potential criminal behavior. Upon detection of such behavior, alerts are sent to parents and local law enforcement agencies. ChatGuard also provides information about the solicitor, such as location, user name, and chat log, all of which can be accessed and searched by law enforcement authorities through a secure web server.

"My initial intention was to develop a software product that protects children by contacting law enforcement in the event of online solicitation and aid in arrests," said Mike Simms, president and CEO of S Call Communications. "After learning that online solicitation is not a crime, I placed focus squarely on blocking solicitors from children."

Not only does ChatGuard monitor the computer on which it is installed, it also monitors other users in a chat room. ChatGuard identifies specific chat patterns that are used to gain the confidence of a child, which is a precursor to sexual solicitation.

ChatGuard uses a law enforcement library to identify words and phrases from actual log files of sexual solicitors. Law enforcement officials have the ability to add words and phrases to the library. Additionally, law officials can add usernames of individuals being investigated to the Blocked User List, search for specific words or phrases, review log files, and obtain IP information on the solicitor. Once a solicitor's username is blocked, all ChatGuard users are protected from that predator.

Parents are also given power with ChatGuard. They have the option of setting up a parental library of terms, such as "skip school" or "sneak out." Upon detection of these terms, the parent receives an email alert. Parents can also block specific chat rooms. ChatGuard also keeps personal information such as address and phone numbers from being sent or received. According to the University of New Hampshire Crimes Against Children Research Center (CCRC), one out of four youth who used the Internet regularly last year was exposed to unwanted pornography, and nearly one in five encountered unwanted sexual solicitations and approaches. Few of these incidents were reported to authorities, and more than half were not disclosed to parents.

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S Call Communications, a privately held company based in Montgomery, Texas, is a technology developer in the fields of telecommunications and computer software aimed at improving personal security for its users. S Call specializes in practical, easy-to-use communications applications that provide safeguards designed to protect families and individuals against predators, but do not interfere with daily routines.

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Mike Simms, president and CEO of S Call Communications, has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, including technology development, deployment, and management of voice and data networks. His critical insights into the market, coupled with access to the latest technological trends, have enabled him to build S Call's core platforms efficiently and quickly. His strong sense of family values and personal security drives the company's mission and product development.

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