SOURCE: S Squared Technologies

July 30, 2012 08:56 ET

S Squared Technologies Launches Turn It Up to 10

An Easier Way to Buy, Sell and Earn Money

JUPITER, FL--(Marketwire - Jul 30, 2012) -  S Squared Technologies, the innovative online company that brought you is proud to introduce their latest internet endeavor -- is a new site committed to providing the internet community with the ability to buy and/or sell goods and services for either 5 or 10 dollars. No bidding wars, no waiting, no missing out on an item or service because someone got to it first. Just search through the site for what people have to offer for $5 or $10 dollars or offer your own goods or services for one of 2 prices. It's that simple.

"Living in a society where everything around us is so technical and complicated, we here at wanted to try to bring things back to a simpler way of buying and selling online," says Stuart Lieberman, the Chief Technology Officer of S Squared Technologies. Recreating the concept and feel of the "Five and Dime" from bygone days, is all about making the online buying and selling market a bit more personal and user friendly. Although the younger generation of today has no idea of what a true Five and Dime store was about, the concept is easy enough to understand. List an item or a service for sale and ask a price of either $5 or $10 dollars. As a buyer unlike on eBay or Craigslist, there's no haggling, no waiting for a listing to end, and no waiting up in front of the computer till all hours of the night because your auction ends at some ungodly hour and you need to get your final bid in. Fast, friendly and convenient quality online goods and services, nothing more... nothing less. You can earn money as well of course when you sell your items.

S Squared Technologies is a collaboration between Stuart Lieberman, the Chief Technology Officer, and Steve Stark, an Attorney/Business Executive, that started a few years ago. With close to 15 years of internet experience for each, these gentlemen pride themselves on doing all they can to provide the online community with honest and innovative internet services. "We know how difficult it is to find trustworthy people in a society full of distrust," says Lieberman. "That is why we started this company by bringing, an online reputation management site to the table. So many honest, hard working people were having their online reputations dragged through the proverbial mud that we felt something needed to be done." With great success for several clients in getting their good name back, the guys decided to concentrate on something more fun with this new venture. With services ranging from advertising on the back of car windshield for local businesses to writing a poem for your girlfriend and such goods as 8x10 photographs of a Florida sunset to garage sale items, is ready to bring a whole new variety of "Pay One Price" (well, actually 2) items to you and yours... and they're sure to do it well.

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