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April 21, 2011 12:03 ET

S5 Marketing Get Set to Celebrate the Royal Wedding

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 21, 2011) - Over the next week, like many millions across the country, S5 Marketing are preparing for the Royal Wedding. On the 29th of April, Prince William is set to marry Catherine Middleton, known as Kate, at Westminster Abbey. The nation has engrossed itself in their story and businesses are looking forward to the boost in revenue. S5 marketing looked at the royal love story and the preparation London is making for this prestigious event.

Catherine Middleton and Prince William have been together since 2001, and they announced their engagement early this year after William proposed on holiday in Kenya. Since then they have been caught in a whirl wind of publicity, royal visits and wedding plans. Their romance was thrown into the spot light of the world's media in around 2004, when the pair were pictured skiing together and William made remarks such as 'I don't want to get married until I'm at least 28 or maybe 30'. Now the future King of England is happily settled and living in Anglesey, close to RAF Valley where he is based. The couple have been described as a 'breath of fresh air' to the Royal Family. Ben Lambert of S5 Marketing agrees, 'William and Kate's romance has made them much more accessible to the public and in a sense it has sparked a new interested for the younger generation, in the Royal family.'

In the economic down turn of the last few years, England, and Britain as a whole, has been struggling to uphold its status and power within the world. However, on the 29th of April, all eyes will be on the capital city, London, as millions tune in to see the future Kings wedding. Businesses are delighted at the revenue that thousands of tourists will bring to the capital city, with hotels overbooked, and transport been doubled everyone is getting prepared for the busiest day in recent history.

With just over a week until the big day, police and security have been combing the route of the Royal procession, checking for anything suspicious, hidden explosive and possible vantage points of terrorists and protesters. As well as protecting the Royal family, police are also launching this massive operation, said to cost £20 million, to protect the world leaders that will be in attendance. Around 50 heads of state, A-list celebrities and government officials will be there to support the couple on their big day. S5 Marketing looked at some opinions that have formed around the spending of all the government money.

Many people are being put off the wedding by the sheer amount of money it is costing. Although both Kate and William said they will cut back on the wedding as much as possible, the security operation alone is a huge sum of money that the world simply does not have at this time. The question on everyone's lips is who is paying for all this? The simple answer is everyone who pays taxes, however the government have suggested that the increased revenue will be enough to put this money back into the country.

S5 Marketing are looking forward, like many, to the Royal wedding and wish the happy couple all the best in the future. Ben Lambert said recently 'I wish the couple all the best and hope that they do a great job of representing the country and bringing the Royal family into the modern times'.

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