Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership

April 11, 2007 13:00 ET

SAAEP and Partners Receive $300,000 Grant From Federal Government to Support Initiative

LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - April 11, 2007) - The Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership (SAAEP) is pleased to announce that the initiative has received a $300,000 grant under Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Biofuels Opportunities for Producers Initiative (BOPI). This grant was made possible through an additional $100,000 in support from industry partners and area agriculture producers (see attached partners listing).

John Kolk, chair of the SAAEP Advisory Committee, says, "This funding solidifies the planned initiatives of the SAAEP and will allow us to engage the region in expanding alternative energy projects. We appreciate the growing industry interest and the investment of our partners in this initiative. Together, we believe we can make a difference in the global energy and environmental challenges by becoming more self-sufficient energy users."

Rick Casson, Member of Parliament for Lethbridge, says, "The federal government has launched a number of initiatives lately to support and stimulate alternative energy project development. It is exciting to see this region of Alberta taking a leadership position. As a result of the collaborative approach of the sponsors of the Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership, they have been able to attract maximum grant funding from the BOPI fund. This is a model for the future and, along with my colleagues in southcentral and southwestern Alberta, I'm looking forward to the future of renewable energy sources as it relates to agriculture in this region."

The funds will be used to complete feasibility and capacity studies on bio-fuel opportunities as well as to conduct an extensive public consultation program throughout the region. The studies focus specifically on opportunities for industry and producers in these areas:

- A bio-diesel feasibility study, being managed by project partner BFuel Canada Corp.

- A feasibility study re ethanol production, focused on the use of wet distillers grains, the role of sugar beets in ethanol production and the economics of consumer up-take and distribution networks.

- A "waste-to-energy" report that explores the economics of turning ag by-products such as manure, animal carcasses and SRM's, into energy.

Interested industry leaders will be able to use the studies to determine growth opportunities while the public consultation process will result in recommendations for a 'Green Growth Plan' for southcentral and southwestern Alberta.

President of BFuel Canada Corp. Glenn Collick, one of the industry partners who invested in the project to support the grant application, says, "Our company is pleased to be a participant in this opportunity to build on regional economic strengths. We see southern Alberta as a catalyst for the diversification of Canadian energy sources, ultimately resulting in a cleaner environment and more choice for consumers."

The application for the funding was submitted by the SouthGrow Regional Initiative on behalf of the Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership, which represents 37 regional communities. More information on the SAAEP is at

Biofuels Opportunities for Producers Initiative (BOPI) and Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Partnership


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada is a department of the Government of Canada. The Biofuels Opportunities for Producers Initiative (BOPI), an initiative under the Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food (ACAAF) Program, which is administered in Alberta by the Agriculture and Food Council The program is designed to help farmers and rural communities hire experts who can assist in developing business proposals and undertake feasibility and other studies necessary to create and expand biofuels production capacity involving significant (greater than one-third) ownership by agricultural producers.

BFuel Canada Corp

BFuel Canada Corp is a Vancouver-based company created to represent the new direction in energy supply, conservation and emission reductions which Canada and the world has embraced in a bid to curb increased use of fossil fuels.

Visionary Local Agriculture Producers

14 Agriculture Producers from the SAAEP region committed to the BOPI funding projects as well. They are:

John Cailliau Brad Cook Eddy Cooke
Tim Ewing Herb Groenenboom Mike Gross
Leighton Kolk Douglas McClelland
Dennis Olson Rick Paskal Ben Walter
Brian Yagos Brian Zoratti

The SAAEP is a partnership between Economic Development Lethbridge, SouthGrow Regional Initiative and Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance to promote this region as a leader in alternative energy production and manufacturing.

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