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March 27, 2008 12:10 ET

SABEW Announces Winners in Its 13th Annual Best in Business Journalism Contest

COLUMBIA, MO--(Marketwire - March 27, 2008) - The Society of American Business Editors and Writers has named the winners in its 13th annual Best in Business Journalism contest, recognizing top publications and the best business news reporting during 2007.

SABEW started the contest in 1995 to help set standards and recognize role models for outstanding business journalism. It has grown steadily since then. Categories for magazines and online sites were added this year. A record 842 entries were submitted for work in 2007 by daily newspapers, business weeklies, magazines, wire services and news Websites.

The awards will be presented Sunday, April 27, in Baltimore during SABEW's 45 annual conference.

(The judges' comments for all winners will be posted soon on Additional information about the conference and SABEW is available on the site as well.)

The winners listed by contest, category and in alphabetical order by publication or organization:

                            Overall excellence
Giant Newspapers
(Average daily circulation above 325,000)
        Arizona Republic
        Los Angeles Times
        The New York Times
        USA Today
                Certificates of Merit:
                   The Boston Globe
                   The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Large Newspapers
(circulation from 225,000 to 325,000)
        The Miami Herald
        Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
        The Seattle Times
                Certificates of Merit:
                   The Indianapolis Star
                   The Orange County Register
                   Detroit Free Press

Mid-sized Newspapers
(circulation from 125,000 to 224,999)
        The Charlotte Observer
        The Des Moines Register
        The Detroit News
        Grand RapidsPress
        Seattle Post-Intelligencer
                Certificates of Merit:
                   St. Paul Pioneer-Press
                   Salt Lake Tribune

Small newspapers
(circulation under 125,000)
        Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Ariz.)
        The News Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.)
        The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, Calif.)
                Certificates of Merit:
                   The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, Mass.)
                   The Post & Courier (Charleston, S.C.)

Weekly Business Newspapers
        Advertising Age
        Boston Business Journal
        Crain's New York Business
        Financial Week
        Triangle Business Journal
                Certificate of Merit:
                   Mass High Tech

Small Magazines
(circulation under 500,000)
        Bloomberg Markets

Large Magazines
(circulation 500,000 and over)
        Fast Company

Small Websites
(up to 500,000 average monthly unique visitors)
                Certificate of Merit
                   Crain's Chicago Business

Mid-sized Websites
(500,000-2.5 million average monthly unique visitors)
                Certificate of Merit
         , Arizona Daily Star

Large Websites
(more than 2.5 million average monthly unique visitors)
        The New York Times Dealbook
        The Wall Street Journal Online

                          Business News Reporting

                               Breaking News

Giant publications
        --Patti Bond, Robert Luke, Tom Walker, Maria Saporta, Matt
          Kempner, Marilyn Geewax, Duane D. Stanford, The Atlanta
          Journal-Constitution: "Nardelli's departure from Home Depot"
        --Krishna Guha, Michael Mackenzie, Saskin Scholtes and Gillian
          Tett, The Financial Times: "Federal Reserve"
        --Robin Sidel, Aaron Lucchetti, Monica Langley, Carrick
          Mollenkamp, David Reilly and  David Enrich, The Wall Street
          Journal: "The fall of a Citigroup Prince"

Large publications
        --Staff, Detroit Free Press: GM/UAW settlement
        --Staff, Detroit Free Press: Pfizer breaking news
        --Roger Fillion, Chris Walsh, David Milstead, Charles Chamberlin,
          Joyzelle Davis, Rob Reuteman and Jane Hoback, Rocky Mountain
          News: Coors-Miller merger

Mid-sized Publications
        --Stella M. Hopkins, Adam Bell, Gail Smith-Arrants, Sharif
          Durhams, Christopher D. Kirkpatrick, Tommy Tomlinson, Kat
          Greene, Marion Paynter, Mark Johnson and David Ingram, The
          Charlotte Observer: "Philip Morris quits North Carolina"
        --Amos Maki, James Overstreet and Daniel Connolly, Commercial
          Appeal (Memphis.): "Toyota's decision"
        --Sharon Terlep, Bruce G. Hoffman, Eric Morath, Christine
          Tierney, Daniel Howes, Louis Aguilar, Nathan Hurst, Brian J.
          O'Connor, Josee Valcourt and Bill Vlasic, The Detroit News:
          "UAW strike"

Small Publications
        --Jack Gillum, Christie Smythe and David Wichner, Arizona Daily
          Star: "First Magnus meltdown"
        --Kathy Jumper, George Talbot, Russ Henderson, Sebastion
          Kitchen, Dan Murtaugh, Kaija Wilkinson and Jeff Amy, Mobile
          (Ala.) Register: "Towering triumphs"
        --Carol Benfell, The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, Calif.):
          "Hospital closure"

Weekly Publications
        --Brent Snavely, Crain's Detroit Business: "Icahn on Lear:
          company positioned well in industry"
        --Andrew Osterland, Marine Cole, Matthew Quinn, Nicholas Rummell
          and Frank Byrt, Financial Week: "Credit crunch"

Real-time News Organizations
        --Scott Lanman, Brendan Murray, Matthew Brockett, Caroline
          Salas, Anthony Massucci, Lynn Thomasson and Shannon Harrington,
          Bloomberg News: "Bernanke's world unravels"
        --John D. Stoll and Stephen Wisnefski, Dow Jones News Service:
          "DaimlerChrysler stock moves into high gear"


Giant Publications
        --David Barboza, The New York Times: "A Chinese reformer betrays
          his cause, and pays"
        --Gretchen Morgenson, The New York Times: "Crisis looms in
        --Kate Kelly, The Wall Street Journal: "Bear CEO's handling of
          crisis raises issues"

Large Publications
        --Jeffrey Tomich, St. Louis Post-Disptach: "Bet the farm"
        --Pete Carey, San Jose Mercury News: "Harsh side of the boom"
        --Kristi Heim, The Seattle Times: "China's eco-city"

Mid-sized Publications
        --Rick Rothacker and David Ingram, The Charlotte Observer:
          "Is this a conflict?"
        --Sharon Terlep and Bill Vlasic, The Detroit News: "Inside story"
        --Rebecca Mowbray, New Orleans Times-Picayune: "Same house. Same
          repairs. Same insurer. Why different prices?"

Small Publications
        --Becky Pallack, Arizona Daily Star: "First Magnus: Boom to bust
          in three weeks"
        --Dan Kelley, Corpus Christi Caller-Times: "Is the city growing
          or stretching?"
        --George Talbot, Press-Register (Mobile, Ala.): "Several factors
          are key to deal"

Weekly Publications
       --Ron Leuty, San Francisco Business Times: "The fight of his life:
          Bay Area tech execs and VCs rally to aid one of their own
          battling a rare disease"
       --Daniel Kaplan and Mark Mensheha, Street & Smith's SportBusiness
          Journal: "American invasion: What's driving the gold rush to
          English soccer?"

Real-time News Organizations
       --John Schoen, MSNBC: "Mortgage mess"
       --John Lippert, Bloomberg News: "Fall of Detroit"
       --Melissa Davis, TheStreet.Com: "Shattered hopes"


Giant Publications
        --David Leonhardt, The New York Times
        --Joseph Nocera, The New York Times
        --Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post

Large Publications
        --Eileen Ambrose,  The Baltimore Sun
        --Mary Jo Feldstein, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
        --Al Lewis, The Denver Post

Mid-sized Publications
        --Mitchell Schnurman, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
        --George Gombossy, The Hartford Courant
        --Liz Bentson, Las Vegas Sun

Small Publications
        --Gregory Karp, The Morning Call (Allentown, Pa.)
        --Dan Voelpel, The News-Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.)
        --Susan Miller, Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, Ga.)

Weekly Publications
        --Brian Kaberline, Kansas City Business Journal
        --Greg David, Crain's New York Business
        --Steve Symanovich, San Francisco Business Times

Real-time News Organizations
        --Jon Markman, MSN Money
        --James Saft, Reuters
        --Brett Arends,


Giant Publications
        --Patricia Callahan, Maurice Possley, Michael Oneal, Evan Osnos,
          Ted Gregory and Sam Roe, Chicago Tribune: "Hidden hazards"
        --Charles Duhigg, The New York Times: "Golden opportunities"
        --Walt Bogdanich, The New York Times: "Toxic pipeline"

Large Publications
        --Suzanne Rust, Meg Kissinger and Cary Spivak, Milwaukee Journal
          Sentinel: "Chemical fallout"
        --Mike Casey and Rick Montgomery, Kansas City  Star: "Fatal
        --Gargi Chakrabarty, Rocky Mountain News: "Ethanol boom: Kernel
          to car"

Mid-sized Publications
        --Binyamin Appelbaum, Lisa Hammersly, Ted Mellnik, Peter St.
          Onge, Stella M. Hopkins, Liz Chandler, Mike Drummond, Pam
          Kelley, Gary Schwab and Patrick Scott, The Charlotte Observer:
          "Sold a nightmare"
        --Lee Rood, Lynn Hicks, Philip Brasher, Paula Lavigne, Jerry
          Perkins, Perry Beeman, Jon Benedict, Jeff Bruner, Suzanne Behnke
          and Don Tormey, Des Moines Register: "Fueling Iowa's future"
        --Christine Tierney and Bill Vlasic: The Detroit News: "Death
          of a Merger"

Small Publications
        --Winston Ross, The Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.): "Big fish
          in a big pond"
        --Richard M. Hogan, Fort Myers (Fla.) News-Press: "Southwest
          Florida real estate sellers beware"
        --James L. Martin, Erie (Pa.) Times-News: "Made in Mexico"

Weekly Publications
        --Bryant Ruiz Switzky, Katharine Grayson, Nancy Kuehn, Eric
          Johnson and Dirk DeYoung, The Minneapolis- St. Paul Business
          Journal: "Operation reintegration"
        --Jeanne Lang Jones and  Steve Wilhelm, Puget Sound Business
          Journal: "Industrial land"
        --Christopher Tritto, The St. Louis Business Journal: "Fig"

Real-time News Organizations
        --David Dietz, Gary Cohn and Darrell Preston, Bloomberg News:
          "The insurance hoax"

                          Magazine cover stories

Large Magazines
        --Brian Grow and Keith Epstein, Business Week: "The poverty
        --Ellen McGirt, Fast Company: "Al Gore's $100 million makeover"

Small Magazines
        --David Evans, Richard Tomlinson, Seth Lubove and Daniel Taub,
          Bloomberg Markets: "Toxic debt"

                             Online Excellence

                               Breaking News

Large Websites
        --Tom Krazit, Caroline McCarthy, Erica Ogg, Kent German, Leslie
          Katz, Brian Cooley, CNET News: "Launch of the iPhone"
        --Staff, "Turmoil in the mortgage and credit markets"

Small Websites
        --Steve Daniels, Senior Reporter, Crain's Chicago Business:
          "LaSalle's Richman near deal to join private bank"
        --Alby Gallun, Reporter, Crain's Chicago Business: "Kennedy,
          developer plan big Wolf Point project."
        --Chad Eric Watt, Staff Writer; Dave Moore, Staff Writer, Dallas
          Business Journal: "Questions dog press club"


Large Websites
        --Rex Nutting, Amy Hoak and Alistair Barr, Marketwatch:
          "Subprime shakedown: Will 'lemming loans' drive economy
          off cliff?"
        --Art Lenehan, Anh Ly, Suzanne McGee and Chris Oster, MSN Money:
          "Keeping up with the Wangs"
        --David Barboza, Keith Bradsher, Howard French, Joseph Kahn,
          Jim Yardley and the staff of The New York Times and
          "Choking on growth: China's environmental crisis"

Mid-sized Websites
        --Ted Mellnik, Bill Pitzer, Phillip Hoffman, David Enna, The
          Charlotte Observer: "Sold a nightmare"

Small Websites
        Certificate of Merit
            Rich Laden, Nichole Montañez,  Mark Reis, Christian Murdock,
            David Bitton and Joanna Bean, The Gazette (Colorado Springs):
            "Academy Boulevard at a crossroads"

                           Audio/Visual Reports

Large Websites
        --John Authers, Financial Times: "Short view"
        --Jenalia Moreno and Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle: "Olive oil"
        --David Pogue, The New York Times: "The iPhone challenge: keep
          it quiet"

Mid-sized Websites
        ---Hoag Levins, Ad Age: "3-Minute Ad Age"
        --Stephanie AuWerter and Stacey Bradford, "Smart
          Advice video: avoiding foreclosure"


Large Websites
        --Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle: "Techblog"
        --Staff, The New York Times: "Bits"
        --Staff, The Wall Street Journal: "Deal Journal"

Mid-sized Websites
        --Bill Bowen, Jim Fuquay, Dianna Hunt, Mike Lee, Richard Stubbe
          and Scott Nishimura, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Barnett Shale:
          Drilling for answers about the natural gas boom in North Texas"
        --Jonathan Lansner, Orange County Register: "Lansner on real
        --Todd Bishop, Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "Todd Bishop's
          Microsoft Blog"

                          Creative Use of Online

Large Websites
        --Robin Farzad, Business Week: Narrated slideshows
        --Staff, MarketWatch: "The heat is on"
        --Staff, "2007 best places to live"

                              Student Contest

For stories written for professional publications
        --Daniel Johnson, Seattle Times: "Grape-growing town not on
          wine lovers' map"

For stories written for student publications
        --Jessica Nunez, Columbia Missourian: "Funding farming"

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