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September 14, 2005 09:00 ET

SafeBoot® Launches Data Security and Access Control for Symbian OS® Devices

Solution Provides Centralized Access Control and Data Security of Files, Folders, E-mail, Text Messages and Memory Cards

NAPLES, FL and STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 14, 2005 -- Control Break International (CBI) (, developer of SafeBoot® access control and mobile data security solutions, today released SafeBoot® for Symbian OS®, designed to protect data residing on Symbian-based devices using access control and powerful encryption. Symbian is the world's leading operating system provider for smartphones. The announcement was made during the Infosecurity Scandinavia conference in Stockholm.

Phebe Waterfield, Senior Analyst at Yankee Group, believes, "Businesses are prolific users of Symbian-based mobile devices but many have not addressed the risk to sensitive information stored on these platforms. Strong authentication and prudent use of encryption are must-haves for regulated enterprises who have chosen to support mobile platforms for e-mail, text messaging or file transfer."

SafeBoot Device Encryption for Symbian OS provides users and organizations with several features and benefits including:

--  Compatibility with e-mail applications and text messaging
--  Automatic, transparent encryption and decryption of data on Symbian OS
--  Multiple, standardized algorithms such as AES
--  Enforcement of mandatory, company-wide security policies
--  Centralized management for administration, deployment, upgrades,
    auditing, hot-revocation, recovery, synchronization, and more
--  Enforcement of extensive central password policies
--  Support of all common languages and keyboards
--  Synchronization/integration with Active Directory, Novell, PKI, and
--  Availability of data at all times -- even during recovery and support
--  Worldwide support network, including 24/7 support
--  Compliance with legislation (i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and more)
"SafeBoot for Symbian is one more step in protecting access and data on the world's most popular platforms," said SafeBoot Product Manager Stefan Backström. "The launch of this product is a direct result of responding to our customers' needs and provides a springboard for future development on the Symbian platform."

SafeBoot Device Encryption for Symbian OS provides powerful protection of data, e-mail and memory cards. SafeBoot encrypts a wide range of folders containing various types of data. Documents of any type, including spreadsheets and media files, are easily protected. Data encryption and decryption are performed automatically, transparent to the user, and both can be initiated automatically (based on certain parameters) to provide instant access to protected data. Additionally, all encrypted data stays in its original location. Optionally, any e-mail and other messages on a Symbian device can be encrypted, preventing any disclosure of sensitive information during storage.

Most Symbian devices are equipped with drives for external memory cards, such as Memory Stick Duo cards and MMCs. Information can easily be transferred to such removable media. Consequently, these memory cards must be protected. SafeBoot Device Encryption for Symbian OS can encrypt data on any attached memory card, thereby protecting it from unauthorized disclosure.

Through SafeBoot Management Center, SafeBoot Device Encryption for Symbian OS offers administrators a unique, powerful, and cost-effective method of maintaining enterprise security. Central management capabilities include central deployment, remote upgrades, policy management, a scripting tool, hot revocation, audit facilities, secure centralized recovery, and policy synchronization with Active Directory®, Novell®, PKI, and others. SafeBoot Management Center provides administrators with the tools to easily enforce extensive mandatory security policies. Users have no control over SafeBoot security policies, because these policies are transparently enforced. Also, administrators find great ease-of-use in setting mandatory security policies for users.

If a user forgets a password, loses a token, or leaves the organization, the tools of SafeBoot Device Encryption solutions safely recover protected systems without using an unsafe master password as a "backdoor." Password and token recovery is only a phone call or a Web page away. The Web-based SafeBoot® webHelpdesk recovery tool permits the Helpdesk to reset user passwords remotely after the user successfully passes a verbal challenge-and-response verification and authentication with the administrator helpdesk via telephone.

About Control Break International and SafeBoot

The SafeBoot® suite of mobile data security solutions -- the flagship technologies of Control Break International, Inc. (CBI) -- protects data, devices and networks against the risks associated with loss, theft, and unauthorized access, anytime and anywhere. SafeBoot solutions offer strong access control and powerful encryption technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems. Also, SafeBoot's centralized management capabilities provides small, medium, and large enterprises with operational efficiency and ensures the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO).

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Control Break International operates several offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, The Netherlands,

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