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June 04, 2007 15:56 ET

SafeMedia Corp. to Roll Out New Product Line

"The new technology line of products will save money, reduce IP provider liability, increase bandwidth speed and improve network services," said CEO Safwat Fahmy

HOLLYWOOD, CA and BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - June 4, 2007) - In a move likely to make Internet access history, SafeMedia Corporation will unveil this week its new "P2P Disaggregator" (P2PD) technology, which is aimed to destroying contaminated P2P networks. This technology is targeted to be implemented at end-user location such as modems, routers and concentrators.

The company will offer this technology to DSL/cable ISPs to be integrated in their customer site modem/router. Also this technology will be offered to network devices manufactures to be integrated in their network devises supporting T1 and higher network capacity such as edge routers and concentrators. In addition, SafeMedia will also offer this technology in its network appliance "Clouseau®."

"Downloading or distribution of unauthorized intellectual property digital files such as movies, music, games and software programs via the Internet is costing our economy billions of dollars," said CEO & President Safwat Fahmy, SafeMedia Corporation. "Illegal file sharing eats bandwidth, increases costs of operating the Internet, creates an overwhelming security risk for users as well as national security, and dismantles the growth of the music and movie industry."

SafeMedia's P2P Disaggregator (P2PD™) technology is based on the concept of draining the content of contaminated P2P networks. Contaminated P2P networks are those networks which contain pirated and illegal digital files, all other P2P networks such as VoIP, Skype, BitTorrent P2P networks that are not contaminated such as open source networks are not interfered with.

This "P2P Disaggregator" (P2PD) technology will be deployed at end-user sites, either integrated into the network devices as edge routers/modems provided by DSL/cable ISPs; or subnet edge routers and concentrators provided by network devices manufacturers such as Cisco, D-Link; Foundry Networks; Qcom Technology Inc.; Fujian Star-net Communication Ltd.; Aztech Systems Ltd. or as an independent network technology provided by SafeMedia.

"The benefits of this technology to ISPs are overwhelming," said Fahmy. "It reduces the 'ride free traffic' created by P2P networks (up to 65 percent of residential broadband traffic is illegal P2P), it reduces the costs of doing business to ISPs, improves ISPs network performance and reduces future costs. It allows ISPs to gain incremental revenue by securely offering new product lines to their customers such as pay-as-you-go digital downloads of movies, music and games for example," said Fahmy.

SafeMedia will offer its product line globally to combat the contaminated P2P networks. Internationally Governments and enforcement branches are spending millions of dollars to stop illegal files sharing. "Implementing SafeMedia's technology is the only preventive measure to truly end illegal P2P networks globally," explained Fahmy.

About SafeMedia Corp.

SafeMedia Corporation, based in Boca Raton, FL, is a global developer of P2P Disaggregator technology (P2PD™) that stops illegal peer-to-peer file sharing networks. SafeMedia's technologies provide individual users, businesses, educational institutions, and public/private organizations with an immediate, effective way to totally safeguard their network infrastructure from every risks associated with illegal file sharing of copyrighted files, ensure 24/7/365 compliance with all federal and state digital copyright laws and eliminate the risk of legal prosecution.

By preventing upload participation, these networks become incapable of growing and lose their reason to exist. The P2PD™ technology is deployed at end-user sites, either integrated into network devices installed in user locations such as edge routers/modems or subnet edge routers and concentrators, or as an independent network technology (Clouseau®).

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