January 05, 2010 09:27 ET

SafeMouse... Evolutionary Step for Computer Mice

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - January 5, 2010) - Black Box Innovations today announced that a new member of the Classified family of products, SafeMouse, is now available. Other members of the Classified family currently include, Personal Pocket Safe™, Secret Diary™ and Classified Secure Flash Drive™.

In the past, mice have typically been used to merely move a cursor and provide button functionality. SafeMouse turns the device into a secure and easy backup system. Upon the push of a button, an LED display emerges from the top of SafeMouse and indicates locked/unlocked status and a selected digit. A custom PIN is then entered via the scroll wheel, utilizing the LED display. Upon unlocking SafeMouse, the internal memory (4 GB) is detectable by the PC and a portable backup software application is launched. The application quietly monitors new and updated files and saves them into SafeMouse. All files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption and internal components are secured by a tamper proof epoxy coating.

Notebook PC and netbook popularity creates the need for more portable computer accessories. "With mobile computing, every item we lug around in our laptop bags better have a good reason for being there and unnecessary accessories that add weight won't make the cut," said John Tate, President of Black Box Innovations, the developer of SafeMouse. "SafeMouse incorporates vital functions integrated into one small device -- file storage, encryption, auto-backup, and mouse functionality."

In addition to the convenience SafeMouse provides, it also addresses major issues of our electronic lifestyle, namely the time wasting consequences from the loss of data due to computer crashes and the proliferation of identity theft.

"SafeMouse provides automated backup, so in the case of a computer crash important files remain securely on SafeMouse where they can be accessed from any other computer," said Tate. "Important files should be stored securely and this is even more important in regard to storage on portable devices. SafeMouse ensures that all files are completely inaccessible to anyone but the owner." SafeMouse incorporates three layers of world-class and impenetrable security, as do all products within the Classified family.

SafeMouse is available at select retailers nationwide. More information and store locations can be found at

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