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March 16, 2005 10:07 ET

Safety Turtle Breaks Ground in Pet Drowning Prevention: Water Safety Alarm Originally Created for Children Now Adapted for Pets and Adopted by Pet Owners



MARCH 16, 2005 - 10:07 ET

Safety Turtle Breaks Ground in Pet Drowning
Prevention: Water Safety Alarm Originally Created for
Children Now Adapted for Pets and Adopted by Pet Owners

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 16, 2005) - Terrapin
Communications, maker of Safety Turtle, today announced the start of a
pet drowning prevention campaign. The lockable Turtle wristband was
introduced in 1998 as a last layer of protection of young children
against aquatic injury. By popular demand, a Turtle visor for seniors in
aquatic physiotherapy and a pet version followed. As a result, the
company has set its sights on making this lifesaving product more
accessible to pet owners.

Safety Turtle for pets is now available in all PETsMART stores
throughout the U.S.A. and Canada and online at www.petsmart.com, as well
as from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) website

"Many pet owners forget about the dangers that pools and other bodies of
water can present for their pets," said Bob Van Tongerloo, CEO of the
Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. "CFHS believes that the Safety
Turtle offers pet owners an option to protect their pets from drowning
accidents while relaxing at home and exploring near waterways away from
home. CFHS applauds Terrapin for recognizing the need for a product
that helps keep all members of the family safe near water."

Pools and Pets

Though largely unreported, accidental drowning of a pet in the family
pool is common. "Both the numbers and the circumstances of the pet
drowning stories I've been getting over 5 years leave me in no doubt
about this," said Bob Lyons, President of Terrapin and inventor of
Safety Turtle. With a growing pet population - there are roughly 58
million dogs and 62 million cats in North America - and approximately
450,000 new pools per year, accidental pet drowning will continue to
rise unless something changes. Action is long overdue."

Although healthy dogs and cats have an innate ability to swim short
distances, escape from a pool may be a life and death struggle. Barking
is sometimes difficult once the dog is in the water. The untrained
animal instinctively heads for the closest edge of the pool and tries to
claw its way out. Panic quickly leads to exhaustion. While animals can
be trained to go the shallow end, if they exist, the steps may be too
high for a smaller animal. Vinyl-liner pools offer no grip to the
animal, and often include only a vertical ladder, which is nearly
impossible for most pets to climb. Builders are routinely called to
repair foot-long holes through pool liners at the waterline caused by a
front paw of the owner's canine.

"When the solar cover is on a pool, it is one of the most dangerous
times for pets. They either fall on the cover, or try to walk on it, and
go under and can't get back up," said Gae Horrigan, dog and pool owner
from LaMarque, Texas. "We know first hand the heartbreak people
experience when they lose a pet to drowning. It's like losing your
child. Today, having the Safety Turtle is our way of trying to make
sure this will never happen again to our beloved Westies, Duke and

Boats and Pets

Pet life jackets are selling in record numbers because pets find so many
ways to fall overboard when least expected. But, depending on water
temperature and visibility, chances of rescue may be small unless
someone sees the pet fall in.

About Safety Turtle for pets

The Safety Turtle system for pets consists of a small, color-coded
Turtle sensor that attaches to the pet's collar, and a Base Station.
When the pet falls or ventures into the water, an ear piercing alarm is
instantly sounded at the house (or boat) from the Base Station -
allowing the owner to immediately respond to the distressed animal. One
Base Station works with any number of pets having the same color of
Turtle sensor. Rain or ground moisture doesn't set off the alarm.

For more information, please visit www.safetyturtle.com

Incorporated in Canada in 1998, Terrapin Communications is the sole
owner and manufacturer of Safety Turtle.


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