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February 28, 2017 06:30 ET

Safeware Says Unlucky Accidents Cause Damage to Consumer Electronics

Some of Safeware's customers don't seem to have luck on their side as devices experience uncommon types of accidental damage

DUBLIN, OH--(Marketwired - February 28, 2017) - Safeware, a leading provider of product protection and extended warranty solutions, specializes in protecting consumer electronics. These devices have become lifelines for the modern user, but bad luck can wreak havoc on even the most well-intentioned plans. Overall, fifty percent of claims for electronics are caused by accidental damage. Of those, fifteen percent are caused by liquid damage.

Additional forms of accidental damage can include drops, falls, cracked screens and other unexpected damage to a device. As a whole, incidents of accidental damage are extremely common and cause unwanted stress and expenses while leaving the owner anxiously waiting for repairs to be completed.

Whereas some types of accidental damage are unavoidable, others can be blamed more on misfortune rather than human error.

For example, one customer in Lake Balboa, California, was starting a load of laundry when she heard a banging noise in the washing machine. Little did she know that her husband had purchased a new MacBook and hidden it in the washing machine until he was ready to surprise her with the gift. Needless to say, the laptop experienced severe liquid damage and required replacement.

Further, another customer from Central Indiana was tripped by his cat after refilling his soda in the kitchen. Walking back to the living room, the cat crossed his path and the drink spilled directly onto his laptop which was sitting nearby.

While unlucky, this customer is not alone. Many consumers find that they are unable to control the majority of accidents that happen to their devices. Other bad luck is caused by the unforeseen circumstances in which we often find ourselves.

In one instance, a student at Clemson University came home late one night after studying at the library to find a party being hosted at his house. He set his backpack down on a table and walked away. When he later returned to retrieve it, his computer was out, open, and had a spilled can of beer resting on top. While the laptop wasn't charged with public intoxication, the student sadly was unable to finish his class assignment.

Strokes of bad luck are difficult to avoid, and can end up being pricey. On average, customers without an extended warranty may pay over $550 for accidental damage repairs. Fortunately, companies like Safeware, who provide product protection solutions, are willing to take on the burden of bad luck so customers are able to own their technology with confidence.

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