UFCW Local 832

UFCW Local 832

March 15, 2009 23:46 ET


One of the largest Safeway ratification vote turnouts in union history.

Attention: Agriculture Editor, City Editor, Food/Beverage Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor WINNIPEG, MANITOBA PRESS RELEASE--(Marketwire - March 15, 2009) - On March 15, Safeway members from across the province attended a series of ratification votes and heard details of their new collective agreement.

Nearly a thousand members turned out at the ratification vote in Winnipeg where lead negotiator and UFCW Local 832 President, Robert Ziegler discussed the new deal to the membership.

"This is a good contract, it's not great, but it's fair. There are items in this agreement we didn't want, such as the length of the agreement. There are some good gains in this agreement, the wage increases are the largest the members have seen in recent contracts," stated Ziegler.

The contract will run for five years expiring in March 2014. Members at the top of the scale will see increases of $1.80 plus a lump sum payment in the third year. Some positions such as Pharmacy Technicians will see their wages go up almost $3.00 over night. Members were happy to hear that the union secured money for the pension stabilization fund. The union was successful in making changes to the "30 Hour Cap" which will allow one third of the most senior members at the stores throughout the province to have the ability to work more hours. Sunday will remain a voluntary day of work and members will maintain their premium. Improvements were also made to bereavement leave, department transfers and benefits.

UFCW Local 832 represents 15,000 people in Manitoba and is the largest private sector union in the province.

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