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October 16, 2014 12:00 ET

Saffron Launches Industry's First Artificial Intelligent/Cognitive Computing Platform Built for The Internet of Things

Enables Organizations to Embrace "the Intelligence of Every "Thing," Delivers Enhanced Speed and Volumes at Which Data Can Be Processed While Critically Improving the Accuracy of Results

LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwired - October 16, 2014) - Saffron Technology, the first artificially intelligent, cognitive computer that learns, reasons and anticipates like you and for you, today unveiled Saffron 10, the newest version of its groundbreaking Natural Intelligence Platform. Saffron 10 fuses the power of computing with brain-like intelligence, enabling organizations to more quickly focus on the knowledge that matters to them most (including things you may not think to look for), anticipate what will happen next, and optimize decisions based on that criteria.

"Cognitive systems are beginning to have a dramatic impact on enterprises providing answers, recommendations and courses of action to difficult problems,' explains David Schubmehl, Research Director, IDC. "Saffron 10's new machine learning algorithms, 'Thought Processes', and the ability to interact seamlessly with other big data systems such as Hadoop will provide organizations with the tools and capabilities that they need to implement high ROI advisory and recommendation solutions," continued Schubmehl.

Like the human brain, Saffron 10 connects information at the entity level to learn how a particular fact, event, person, product, outcome or "thing" connects to everything else. It understands the context behind these connections, providing businesses with the essential tools to see specific events or patterns hidden in large, complex data sets.

Saffron deploys a patented associative memory, or "natural learning" approach, that finds connections among data across diverse sources, without the need for rules or modeling, while learning incrementally and anticipating outcomes based on patterns it finds in the data. Designed to be easily integrated with existing investments and initiatives, Saffron 10 ingests data natively from all legacy file systems, making it seamless for businesses to apply the power of Saffron to other applications.

"Saffron 10 is hastening our vision of powering the Intelligence of Every 'Thing'. The explosion of devices and sensors require a next generation of data sense making tools squarely focused on separating meaningful associations from noise, allowing users to not just see important patterns, but anticipate and adapt on-the-fly as new information arrives," said Saffron CEO Gayle Sheppard. "By combining these composite memories with a deep understanding of time and sequence, Saffron is enabling far more accurate risk analysis, personalization, fraud detection, and other solutions that were previously limited by static data modeling and non-temporal understanding," continued Sheppard.

Saffron is commercially deployed for real-time operational risk intelligence and decision support in smart device manufacturing, financial services, energy, healthcare and national security industries. Saffron applications are numerous including model-free fraud detection, personalized anticipatory maintenance, country risk assessment and personalized customer experience.

Saffron Technology is the first cognitive computing platform that learns, reasons and anticipates like you, for you. The platform learns incrementally and adapts in real time, ingesting data from disparate sources and automatically connecting the dots to illuminate the knowledge that really matters and anticipate what will happen next. Saffron enhances the speed and volumes at which data can be processed but also critically improves the accuracy of results. Businesses using Saffron can anticipate market trends, optimize processes, mitigate risk, personalize customer experiences or find new revenue streams. Founded in 1999, Saffron Technology is headquartered in Los Altos, California. For more information, please visit

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