May 17, 2012 08:00 ET

Sage North America Introduces New SaaS Business Tracking and Management Tool for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups -- Sage One U.S.

Money Management, Invoicing, Project Tracking, Task Assignment, Messaging and Reporting, Collaborative All-in-One Application Available Anytime, Anywhere

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - May 17, 2012) - Sage North America today announced the debut of Sage One U.S., a web-based all-in-one application developed to address the unique business tracking and management needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the United States. Sage One U.S. was designed with a simple goal in mind: helping owners of aspiring businesses spend more time on innovation rather than administration.

Today's generation of emerging entrepreneurs are fully engaged with easy-to-use technology in nearly every aspect of their personal lives, but achieving similar efficiency with business applications can be challenging. In a recent Sage survey among businesses with 0 to 9 employees, 66 percent said they use three or more software applications to manage their day-to-day operations. This often can lead to wasted time, truncated workflow, redundant data entry and errors.

Sage One U.S. addresses this issue by bringing together money management, invoicing, project tracking, task assignment, messaging and reporting in a single integrated web-based application, available as an online service.

"We took a very different approach with the development of Sage One U.S. Not only did we leverage our deep expertise in business solutions, but we complemented it by proactively seeking extensive feedback from entrepreneurs and small business owners to determine what it is they needed in a SaaS-based financial management, project tracking and collaboration solution," said Connie Certusi, executive vice president and general manager, small business accounting solutions, Sage North America. "Built from the ground up, Sage One U.S. combines the key functions small businesses need, delivering them to the cloud and eliminating multiple systems and duplicate processes that leave room for error. Sage One U.S. helps entrepreneurs get work done and get paid more quickly, allowing them to focus on building and growing their business, and realizing their ambitions."

Online collaboration
Businesses that provide professional services, assign tasks to one or more people or send invoices to clients for work performed will benefit from many of the features in Sage One U.S. The collaboration capabilities of Sage One U.S. can assist businesses with co-located or distributed teams of employees and contract workers -- even clients -- share and communicate, so no one works in isolation. Automatic notifications, reminders and tracking of in-progress or completed tasks keep everyone updated and simplify administration.

Accounting simplified
Sage One U.S. also simplifies and automates essential accounting by connecting business management functions. Less time is spent on data entry because information needs to be entered only once: a project becomes an invoice and then becomes a receipt. Users can rest easy knowing that all the accounting is being handled properly behind the scenes.

Living solution
Addressing the needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups has been the primary focus in the development of Sage One U.S. Small business owners have been involved from the very beginning and their feedback has been instrumental in shaping the functionality and design of the newest Sage online offering.

"We met with and had many conversations with entrepreneurs and start-ups and found that for many, accounting software had an overabundance of features that they simply weren't using or that weren't helping them be more efficient," said Mike Savory, senior product manager, Sage One U.S. "What we wanted to do was deliver a web-based solution with features and functionality that they want and need, not what we thought they needed. The result is Sage One U.S., a tool that will provide customers a boost to their business and enable them to manage their business the way they want to with anytime, anywhere access."

One key feature of Sage One U.S. is that it will continue to evolve based on feedback from customers and partners. Ongoing improvements and new features will be introduced over time to support the growth needs of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Technology and security infrastructure
Sage One U.S. has a simple, flexible architecture with an appealing look and feel, developed using Ruby on Rails. Security and quality of design have been built into Sage One U.S. from the ground up, including rigorous vulnerability testing throughout development, and 128-bit encryption to safeguard the integrity of data in transit. Data is stored in a highly secure environment managed by the experts at Amazon and is also continuously backed up to a secondary data center in a separate physical location.

Subscription pricing
Sage One U.S. is available from Sage at for $29 per month, which includes two administrative users, unlimited collaborative users (who can share projects, files, etc.), and five gigabytes of storage. Subscription also includes online and phone support.

To celebrate the launch of Sage One U.S., new customers can subscribe for only $1 per month for the first three months. Simply sign up for a free 30-day trial, after which users can elect to subscribe for $1 per month for an additional three months and then continue to subscribe for $29 per month.

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