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May 04, 2006 12:34 ET

Sagem Morpho's Algorithms Excel in the NIST Minutiae Exchange Interoperability Test 2004 (MINEX04), Evaluation for PIV Certification

ALEXANDRIA, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 4, 2006 -- In the recently released Minutiae Exchange Interoperability Evaluation Report, Sagem Morpho's algorithms excelled in performance under all conditions of the MINEX04 test. This clearly establishes Sagem Morpho as the fingerprint biometric vendor of choice for System Integrators.

MINEX 2004 (Minutiae Exchange Interoperability Test) Report

The approval of the INCITS 378 fingerprint template standard creates the possibility of a fully interoperable multi-vendor marketplace for applications involving fast, economic, and accurate interchange of compact biometric templates. A prime example is the use of this template in the secure and verified identification credentials established in the implementation of FIPS 201.

The MINEX test addresses a key question surrounding this new standard: Can template data be generated and matched by different vendors without an increase in error rates?

The MINEX evaluation was designed to answer this question of interoperability by enrolling fingerprint images using one vendor's algorithm to convert the fingerprint images into INCITS 378 template format, then matching the fingerprint images against the enrolled templates with a different vendor's algorithm.

Sagem Morpho's Performance

Sagem Morpho's algorithms performed extremely well under ALL conditions of the test, against both high and low quality databases when creating and matching templates. Sagem Morpho participated in this testing with 14 other vendors that included most of the major players in the fingerprint arena.

In this interoperability test, Sagem Morpho's algorithms (vendor "D") were proven to successfully generate templates that can be matched by other vendors, as well as successfully match templates generated by other vendors. As indicated in the MINEX04 Summary, ONLY Sagem Morpho (vendor "D") successfully completed all interoperability tests.

Sagem Morpho was the ONLY vendor to perform successfully on both the template generation and the template matching portions of the test, even with poor quality datasets at the maximum criteria level. In addition, Sagem Morpho's template generation algorithms were also the FASTEST. The test report, as well as a summary, is available on the MINEX04 web site at

These test results illustrate the superior performance, including low False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and low False Rejection Rate (FRR) obtained when using Sagem Morpho biometric algorithms. It also demonstrates the high level of accuracy, speed and interoperability of Sagem Morpho terminals in the operational environment.

Sagem Morpho: An Interoperability Veteran

As further proof of long-standing commitment to interoperability, Sagem Morpho successfully participated in the Fingerprint Interoperability Demonstration using INCITS 378 template at the 2005 Biometric Consortium Conference. Sagem Morpho's biometric products are fully compliant with all major US and International standards including ANSI/NIST, ISO, and the ILO's Seafarer Identity Documents Convention (ILO SID-0002). Sagem Morpho's solution was one of only two initially certified by the ILO.

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Sagem Morpho, the industry leading biometrics company, has been delivering trusted biometric solutions to customers throughout the United States for more than twenty years. Sagem Morpho, as subsidiary of Sagem Défense Sécurité of the SAFRAN Group, is part of a global organization with 55,000 employees, 7000 of whom work in North America. Sagem Morpho applies its experience in biometric identification to deliver reliable biometric solutions to North American markets, including The Federal Government, homeland security, driver's licenses, civil identification, and applicant background checks, as well as consumer and commercial products. These solutions include multiple biometric technologies including fingerprint, palmprint, iris scan and facial recognition products and services. For more information, visit the Sagem Morpho web site at

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