SOURCE: Author Larry Jacobson

Author Larry Jacobson

June 27, 2011 09:00 ET

Sailor Who Circumnavigated Globe Reveals How to Make Your Dreams Come True

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 27, 2011) - Larry Jacobson knows what it's like to have a dream that seems nearly impossible to realize. He also knows how to make that dream come true.

"I remember being a curious kid looking out at the docks in Long Beach from behind the locked gates that led to the pier," said Jacobson, author of "The Boy Behind the Gate" ( "I saw this montage of beautiful sails and gleaming boats and the vast expanse of the sea, and I knew my dream was to sail the world. So, I started putting together a plan, and I started to understand that there are some clear, distinct keys to building the bridge between what you have done and what you dream of doing."

Some of those steps, according to Jacobson, include:

  • Write it Down - When you write down your dreams, they become real. How do you identify them? Ask the right questions. What lights your fire? What drives you? When you think of those answers, write them down.
  • Face Fear - Fear can be a giant wall, seemingly impossible to scale. When we left to sail 2,750 miles across the Pacific without seeing a bit of land, I had never before navigated a boat across an ocean. About 21 days later, when I saw land, I knew I had done it. I had faced my fears and defeated them. You must haul up your own anchor and voyage out beyond your comfort zone and use the fear to sharpen your senses.
  • Mark the Worth in Every Day - This is about recognizing the value we have in our daily lives. It's about remembering to listen, to feel, to actually appreciate each moment of our lives. And after missing a tsunami that would have killed me in a wall of water, avoiding deadly pirates and surviving almost drowning while being tangled in an anchor line at the bottom of the Red Sea, you better believe that I mark the worth in every single day that I'm here on this earth breathing.

About Larry Jacobson
Larry Jacobson was president of one of the premier incentive travel companies before he spent 6 years sailing the world, logging more than 50,000 blue water miles. Larry is a motivational speaker and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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