Saint Jean Carbon Inc.

Saint Jean Carbon Inc.

November 16, 2015 11:27 ET

Saint Jean Carbon Provides Project Update and Announces Q&A Webinar

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Nov. 16, 2015) - Saint Jean Carbon Inc. ("Saint Jean" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:SJL), a carbon sciences company engaged in the development of natural graphite properties and related carbon products, is pleased to announce over the past four months, Saint Jean Carbon has made a number of announcements related to their research work on diamagnetic graphene: a patent for high volume production of graphene, and a patent for producing spherically shaped graphite for the lithium battery market. All of the activity has one general purpose: to take our knowledge and results to an industry partner that can assist in developing a real world solution to an existing problem with the goal of making the product better. Although there are literally thousands of applications, we can only focus on a few at a time. Our main goal is to find solutions where our material can help, thus allowing us the opportunity to be the supplier of the material for a specific application in the future. Our team currently plans on developing, planning and working on four projects:

The first project includes the development of a coin cell lithium battery. With our industry partner, we will develop and build our own battery. This will help us gather a better understanding of how the strength of diamagnetic material can help a battery perform better than the batteries in production today. It will also test our system for creating spherical graphite. It's believed that the magnetic effect could have a much faster conducting rate that would allow a greater charge and recharge, which, simply put, means making the battery last longer and charge faster.

The second project is the development of a more conductive electric motor brush system. With our industry partner, we will redesign each of the components in the brush mechanism by using the latest in advance graphene materials. Today, the brush assemblies have a number of electrical current loss points. This is due to the use of conductive materials where nonconductive materials should be used, and the delivery system of the electrical current, as the delivery system is not funnelled into an efficient conductive pathway. This may greatly enhance the connectivity that would create a much more efficient capture of the electrical current created. In today's world of electric cars, every point where an efficiency can be found directly relates to the distance the car will travel.

The third project provides the development of a drug delivery system that creates more effective, efficient and direct treatment for patients in our hospitals. With our academic partner, we will help build graphene material to a very detailed specification for this purpose. Today, the academic world theorises that graphene with magnetic qualities could be controlled with the use of a magnetic field. This means that the graphene would carry the drug directly to the area within the body requiring the treatment. As the graphene can be controlled with a magnetic field, the doctor can set an exact path for the graphene to travel. Ultimately, we hope that we can develop materials to the design specification required to help enhance our health care systems and efforts.

The fourth project is the development of a superconducting nano tube. With our academic partner, we hope we can develop nano tubes with our diamagnetic graphene, which will allow for near zero resistance at room temperature. Although nano tube engineering has been around for many years, we believe that the use of our material will make them highly conductive. This would also be very useful for any electronic application, as the higher efficiency would enhance the current travel between the internal components. For example, if we used these nano tubes in your cell phone, the phone could be much thinner, possibly transfer the data much quicker, charge faster and stay charged longer.

We have several steps outlined that we will take to ensure that our projects commence and that our company pushes forward in other areas, as the company plans on working on specific areas of the business in conjunction with the four projects:

  1. Property development - this will help us secure more sample material and perform basic claims works.
  1. Finish the filings of the next five patents.
  1. Continue the development and measurements of the diamagnetic graphene through our University's relationships.
  1. Secure funding - traditionally and through grants to help push all of the initiatives forward.

The company feels that the projects and the next steps are a tremendous leap forward for the future of the corporation, as they provide us with an opportunity to create graphene products that will not only help progress our company, but also progress the graphene market across the globe.

The company will be holding a Webinar to answer questions on Thursday, November 19th, 2015 at 5:00 PM EDT. If you would like to participate and have your questions answered, please email your questions to and we will send you the Webinar instructions. As the company anticipates a lot of inquiries, we will provide our best efforts to answer all of them and, if not, a second Webinar will be scheduled.

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