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September 24, 2014 08:15 ET

Saisei Network Performance Enforcement Solution Changes the Rules of IP Networks, Frees 50% Network Capacity to Meet New Applications, Mobile, Cloud and SDN Demands

Saisei's Unprecedented Network Control and Visibility Doubles Capacity, Eliminates Application Crashes

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - September 24, 2014) - Saisei today unveiled the first in a new category of software-based Network Performance Enforcement (NPE) solutions that provide the sub-second network policy control, analytics and security required to manage the millions of applications, users and devices flooding enterprise and service provider networks today.

Taking advantage of patented flow-control technology that completely eliminates the requirement for queuing and scheduling of IP packets, the new Saisei FlowCommand™ family of NPE solutions are able to double the amount of data that can flow through a network link while ensuring no user application session on that link will ever drop or stall again. In addition to doubling the available bandwidth already deployed in networks, user service calls and performance complaints to network operators are eliminated as well.

"Since the early days of the Internet, how IP networks actually function has placed enterprises and service providers in a real 'no-win' situation. It's forced them to acquire silos of expensive technologies and tools to make up for chaotic best-effort deficiencies of IP packet delivery and purchase twice the network bandwidth they actually need, keeping half in reserve for peak traffic loads," said Bill Beckett, Saisei founder and CEO. "With all the new applications, users and devices coming onto networks today, and the expansion into mobile, cloud, SDN and Internet of Things environments, we saw the opportunity to take a completely different approach to real-time network visibility and policy control that could put that reserved bandwidth back to work 24x7."

"The companies, schools and county government facilities we serve all want more control of their environment; they freely admit they don't have a good handle on everything that is going on within their networks. But with the Saisei solution in place, they can understand at a much deeper level exactly what's going on with their users and applications," said Michael Mason, head of New Technologies at Phonoscope LightWave, a leading communications provider in the Houston, Texas area. "Our infrastructure serves 1M students, administrators and faculty members in the greater Houston area. With all the new technologies coming into schools, this gives them user-level awareness via a dashboard and historical reporting that can be accessed not just by the IT department but by teachers, administrators or the students themselves. Our customers also want to be able to respond to attacks and see things coming in seconds -- because seconds matter. With the Saisei solution, they can mitigate this liability."

Real-Time Bandwidth and Security Enforcement Marries Analytics and Visibility across 40 Metrics

Unlike existing networking solutions that were initially built to meet the relatively static demands of private networks, Saisei's FlowCommand family has been built for the big data demands of today's mobile, cloud, Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments. FlowCommand can concurrently monitor up to 5 million flows on a 10G network link 20 times per second, and can control every flow according to powerful, flexible user-defined policies based on 40 metrics in under a second. Additionally, the scalable software supports the management and control of up to 1 billion external hosts. The real-time information is seamlessly integrated with historical data, allowing visualization and comparison of usage over any defined time period. 

"The true combination of deep visibility plus granular, automated, policy-based control has long been sought as the holy grail of network capacity and performance optimization," said Jim Frey, vice president of research, Enterprise Management Associates. "But approaches to date have involved multi-part, integrated solutions that could not hope to be truly real-time or fully coordinated, leaving significant gaps for those trying to proactively protect and assure service quality and end user experience. Saisei has aimed at solving this puzzle via a unified solution that combines network visibility, control and security -- putting network architects in command of the situation to degrees that have not been possible or practical to date."

The Saisei product family consists of FlowCommand™, FlowEnforcer™, and FlowVision™ software that can be distributed either as a virtual machine image to run on a hypervisor, or can be packaged on a commodity x86 hardware system suitable for real-time monitoring and policy enforcement across links up to 10G. They can be deployed at the data center, branch office or any WAN edge. Asymmetrical in nature, these solutions do not need to be deployed on both ends of a link.

With the new FlowCommand family, enterprises and service providers can:

  • Raise routed IP link utilization from 50% to more than 95% and eliminate service complaints: Its patented traffic management algorithms allow a link to be operated at 95%+ capacity without creating delay or harming the traffic flow. As network bandwidth is generally the highest single cost of operating a network, increasing utilization to 95% can result in a substantial cost savings -- lower cost per bit -- and removes the operational overhead of chasing rogue users or applications.
  • Take advantage of sub-second visibility and analytics: Its dashboard provides continuous visibility on how the network is being used based on information collected and analyzed in less than a second. This eliminates the 10-minute response delay of traditional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and visibility appliances by removing the requirement for background analysis.
  • Protect key applications and control non-critical applications: Its granular real-time policy enforcement allows critical applications, such as VoIP, video or other higher priority business apps, to be both protected and prioritized, and non-critical or undesirable applications to be limited, diverted, or blocked altogether. Session integrity is fully maintained under all traffic conditions, allowing Saisei to offer the world's first No-Flow-Left-Behind™ guarantee for all users on a link.
  • Detect and prevent security risks in real time: Its real-time flow analysis also allows security risks to be identified in real time, and allows various forms of risk-mitigation controls to be automatically implemented instantly in response. For example, excessive traffic to a country outside of normal business operations may indicate a data exfiltration attempt. A low-bandwidth limit to such countries will make it hard to mount such an attack, while an instant response to a detected attack can shut down the traffic completely and block the attacking host. 
  • Enforce net neutrality to guarantee fair usage: In typical networks, more than 80% of bandwidth is consumed by just 20% of users. Large file transfers or backups can also devastate a network if inadvertently done at the wrong time of day. FlowCommand's unique Net Neutrality feature allows bandwidth to be shared equally among all users in real time, regardless of the applications they are running or how many users are attempting to use a link.
  • Use granular service-level differentiation paired with enforcement: It allows different users, or groups of users, to receive different services. High-priority users can be given assured bandwidth levels, or can use its unique Rate Multiplier feature to be given a higher proportion of network bandwidth without regard to absolute levels. Low-priority users can then be limited in the bandwidth they can use, or can be given lower Rate Multipliers. Differentiation can also be applied based on many attributes including the application in use or flow characteristics like duration and total data.

The FlowCommand family of products are available now through Saisei and its value-added resellers worldwide.

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Saisei is revolutionizing network analysis and control for the new challenges that Mobility, Cloud, SDN and the Internet of Things are bringing to networks today. Its massively scalable, real-time Network Performance Enforcement software solutions provide the speed and smarts needed to analyze and enforce policy on the millions of applications, users, and devices populating networks today. For the first time, enterprises and service providers can use their full network bandwidth knowing that unexpected traffic surges are automatically accommodated and all user traffic will get through even the busiest of network links with no dropped sessions, resulting in dramatic savings, accelerated revenue growth and a great user experience. Learn more at Connect with Saisei: Twitter (@SaiseiNetworks), LinkedIn and Facebook.

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