September 24, 2007 10:01 ET Announces the Release of SEskills V4 Pre-Sales Improvement Program to Reduce Cost of Sales and Drive Revenue

Project Managing the Solution Sale Achieves Pre-Sales Solution Closures Faster and More Predictably

ACTON, MA--(Marketwire - September 24, 2007) -, the leading provider of performance improvement programs for pre-sales support engineers (SEs), today announced the launch of SEskills V4, "Project Managing the Solution Sale." SEskills V4 uses proven project management techniques to reduce cost of sales and grow revenue through pre-sales performance improvements. The project management phases in SEskills V4 are requirements analysis, planning, execution, and solution closure. Within the project, many engineering techniques are employed such as structured qualification, checklists, modeling, divide and conquer, reverse engineering and peer reviews.

Through a patent pending Solution Sales Process, SEskills V4 provides best pre-sales practices to promote faster, repeatable, and predictable solution closures. Pre-sales engineers measurably improve the quality of their funnel, increase their revenue configuration sizes, increase their solution win rate, and decrease their time to solution closure. Even modest improvements in these key pre-sales performance metrics can result in compelling long-term meaningful growth to bottom line sales. For example, a 10% improvement every quarter in each of the four key metrics can result in a 48% improvement in bottom line revenue. One sales district of a $1.8B client measured 425% revenue growth after 6 months of pre-sales skills improvement.

The Solution Sales Process in SEskills V4 complements any sales methodology in use by the sales organization. This unique design ensures that the SE and sales executive are aligned in their sales strategies and tactics. SEskills V4 now leverages well-established project management and engineering techniques structure which resonate with the SE to enable an efficient, consistent, scalable, and predictable solution sales process. Part of the SEskills Improvement Program formally defines measurement policies and procedures so pre-sales performance results can be routinely collected and documented.

The Key Steps of the SEskills V4 Improvement Program -- A program of best practice adoption and reinforcement:

--  Evaluate -- Assess the SE's skills and behaviors
--  Endorse -- Gain management support and develop an SEskills Management
    Implementation Plan
--  Educate -- Process, project management, and engineering best practices
    are applied to the SE role
--  Embed -- Management implements the procedures, policies, adoption
    incentives, reinforcement programs, and SE productivity tools defined in
    the Implementation Plan
--  Enumerate -- SE management monitors, assesses and measures improvement

"We recognize that traditional sales methodologies ignore the pre-sales role. Our SE Skills Improvement Program empowers sales engineers to project manage and own acquisition of solution closure. As a result, SEs directly impact cost of sales and revenue," explains Phil Janus, founder and President of

Immersion in Best Practices

The SEskills V4 Improvement Program immerses the SE into use of best practices. Training applies best practices on the spot to live opportunities so it is common for strategies to be developed that meaningfully move deals forward. Using the Implementation Plan developed during the pre-training Executive Implementation Planning Workshop, management and SEDC implement a program of post-training reviews that continues and fosters regular reinforcement of new skills.

Reinforcement of best practices is supported by unique SE productivity products, called SE Applications, designed specifically for the pre-sales role. SE Applications includes SEplanit, a Technical Opportunity Planner (TOP) and Management Dashboard. SEplanit supports the application of SEskills V4 project management and engineering techniques in the Solution Sales Process so the SE team uses a consistent analysis and project planning approach to predictably achieve Solution Closure and grow solutions for larger deals. SEplanit pro-actively analyzes opportunities and flags discrepancies requiring further analysis. SEplanit adds-value to any existing SFA product in use by the sales organization.

SEbase is a collaborative pre-sales knowledgebase product which enables SEs to collaborate and share sales intelligence such as quantified value-oriented messages, objection handling, competitive knockoffs, and effective closure tactics.

About, previously known as TechSellEnts, is a global provider of solutions specifically designed to improve the operational performance of pre-sales engineers, enabling global companies to achieve fast, repeatable and predictable solution closure. Clients include Attachmate Corporation, Autodesk, Inc., Deltek Inc, EMC Software Group, Group 1 Software, Sasktel, and Spotfire (a Tibco Software division). is headquartered in Acton, MA. For more information visit

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