Paraxip Technologies, a Sangoma Company

Paraxip Technologies, a Sangoma Company

October 21, 2008 08:30 ET

Salmat SalesForce Adopts NetBorder to Improve Outbound Dialing Campaigns

Increased Call Progress Analysis Accuracy Means More Business for Contact Center Customers

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Oct. 21, 2008) - Paraxip Technologies, a Sangoma company (TSX VENTURE:STC), today announced that its flagship NetBorder software solution has been selected by Australia-based Salmat SalesForce, to bolster the productivity of its contact center service.

Salmat SalesForce's business is based on agents conducting telemarketing campaigns, and calling back customers, making call progress analysis (CPA) a key contact center functionality to automate outbound calling. Call progress analysis algorithms classify whether the call is answered by a person, voicemail, fax, or other device. If it's a person, the call is routed to an agent.

Whether call progress analysis is accurate can mean the difference between making money or wasting agent time and therefore losing money.

"The more automated this process is, the more time agents spend getting down to business," said Kerry Larmer, CTO at Salmat SalesForce. "We ran benchmarks on Paraxip's NetBorder software against traditional offerings for a few months and found a significant accuracy improvement and substantial cost savings in some of our operations."

"Our internal ROI models show that a 10% increase in absolute CPA accuracy could represent over $2 million in annual savings for a mid-sized outbound contact center," said Serge Forest, President and CEO at Paraxip. "This is the reason NetBorder Call Analyzer represents such a breakthrough and an obvious business case for our customer base."

The enormous savings come from less agent wasted time and less sales opportunities left unaddressed. If an outbound call is misdiagnosed, and voicemails keep getting routed to agents, it wastes time. There's also the lost opportunity cost, which is the time agents spend listening to voicemail recordings instead of selling.

Before Paraxip's NetBorder software, the call progress technology hadn't changed much in about 15 years.

"We came out with something completely different, all software-centric," said Forest. "Response time is critical for automation and our solution makes it faster and more accurate regardless of network types, noise levels, delays and other real-life calling conditions."

Most compelling to Salmat's CTO Larmer was NetBorder's ability to operate with high accuracy in the most difficult calling conditions, including reaching wireless subscribers.

"Legacy technology just can't react to that, there's too much noise and too many color ring-back tones," said Larmer. "It throws the system off, calls get misrouted, especially the wireless calls. That's where Paraxip's NetBorder shines. It remains fast and accurate."

Salmat's Larmer is implementing the NetBorder software with Paraxip's NetBorder gateway, so integration is tight. But the software will integrate with any other gateway or IP network, according to Paraxip's Forest.

About Salmat SalesForce

Salmat SalesForce, Australia's largest outsourced contact center operator offers a variety of telephone-and internet-based conduits between enterprises and their customers and prospects. These conduits include phone, e-mail, SMS, and web co-browsing for both inbound and outbound selling, and customer service environments.

Salmat SalesForce offers bricks and mortar contact centres of excellence, decentralized @Home agents, and natural language self-serve solutions, or a combination of these technologies.

Many unique Salmat SalesForce capabilities, including Australian government approved training, and access to the unique and award-winning culture, are available to external organizations through the SalesForce Professional Services division. For more information, please visit

About Paraxip Technologies

Paraxip Technologies, a Sangoma company (TSX VENTURE:STC), offers software products enabling IP telephony platforms and applications to seamlessly connect to heterogeneous network elements. Paraxip's products are designed from the ground up to offer IP telephony applications with unparalleled transparency to legacy networks and equipment, enabling seamless operations in hybrid environments, where traditional and IP telephony equipment and applications are mixed.

Working with world-class industry partners, Paraxip brings to market innovative connectivity solutions in a flexible, building block approach. Paraxip's products are optimized for Interactive Voice Response, Call Center, and Unified Communications applications. For more information, please visit

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