October 23, 2013 10:01 ET

SALT Takes a Radical Approach to Helping Young People With Student Debt Problems: Speaking Their Language

#20SomethingProblems Campaign Spotlights Real Problems Facing Young People and Helps Them Manage the Cause: Student Debt

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Oct 23, 2013) -  Eating leftover Ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Using credit card bills for kindling? Sleeping in your childhood bedroom with Blink 182 posters on the wall? 

What are 20-somethings struggling with student debt to do? Join SALT™ for free debt-management solutions that help them get out of "the red."

Launching October 23 on, SALT's #20SomethingProblems campaign takes a new approach to getting young people to conquer their student debt. By leading with relatable, humorous problems young people face, SALT is putting student debt in the context of real 20-something life, and opening the door to tools, information and prizes that help them live well on a tight budget. 

The result? Less debt, more fun.

By signing up for SALT, students and grads can explore #20SomethingProblems and find answers to their debt and money issues. They'll gain access to student debt and money management tools; tips for making the most of life; and the opportunity to win prizes, like free travel and laptops. SALT becomes a go-to resource, whether one is figuring out how to afford college or how to afford groceries.

To further raise awareness of SALT, the campaign will include a humorous video starring comedians Jake Hurwitz, Amir Blumenfeld and Josh Ruben. It will feature them as students and grads venting their grievances -- from having six roommates in a two-bedroom to going on bad dates for free meals.

SALT is also touring campuses with the "Carnival of #20SomethingProblems" -- including University of Southern Maine on 10/24, UMaine Orono on 10/25, UConn on 10/28 and Tufts University on 10/31. Students can play games to win useful prizes, while learning how SALT can help them survive on a student budget and take control of their debt.

About SALT & ASA: SALT is a free educational resource that provides simple, smart, personalized ways for college students and graduates to take control of their student debt and finances. With a combination of helpful tools, tailored information, and unbiased expertise, SALT helps young people borrow less, borrow smart and repay well. SALT was created by ASA, a nonprofit with 50+ years experience helping people make better decisions about financing their education and repaying student loans.