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November 29, 2016 10:00 ET

SAM Labs Brings Popular Smart Tech Invention Kit for Kids of All Ages to the US

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - November 29, 2016) - SAM Labs, the company that lets kids and families build and create their own inventions, today announced the US launch of the Curious Kit, an immersive out-of-the-box inventing experience that allows users to build and program their own cars and games.

Empowering youngsters worldwide to get hands on with smart technology, SAM Labs makes smart construction kits of clever little blocks that each have a specific skill (lights, buttons, sensors, motors, etc.) and a fun app that gives everyone the power of technology to build creative inventions. With the Curious building blocks and the SAM Space app, kids can stretch their imaginations to create projects, games, inventions and hacks in no time.

"After great success in the UK, we are excited to bring our smart technology products to children and families in the US," Joachim Horn, SAM Labs Founder and CEO. "Interactive technology, especially when it's coupled with imaginative play, can benefit children of all ages with enhanced learning and retention, increased confidence and self-esteem, and improved concentration and multitasking capabilities."

Studies by educators at the University of Rochester demonstrate that kids' attention, accuracy and ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously enjoyed marked benefits after playing select software options. Authorities like Merrimack College psychology professor Michael Stroud equates skills gained playing apps and interactive games -- which require constant situational awareness and strategic decision-making -- to those required when confronted with equally challenging real-world scenarios.

Experts further point out that teens and tweens can also benefit from the use of high-tech solutions. As Georgia Tech professor Ian Bogost explains, "You've got 11-year-olds who are learning to delegate responsibility, promote teamwork and steer groups of people toward a common goal."

Enabling children as young as seven years old to be an inventor, the Curious Kit includes six rechargeable SAM Blocks, five paper-fold car bodies, a car base, and a remote control. There are more than 20 starter projects for endless imaginative play, including a Kaleidoscope, Jar Car, Motorized Bridge, Drum Machine and several games. Additionally, users can download the SAM Space app to any Android or iOS smart phone to activate movements, lights and sounds via Bluetooth. Users can also program patterns and behaviors using the app.

The kit also comes with its own unique new app available for iOS and Google Play, SAM's Curious Cars. The app encompasses the connect the dots feel of the SAM Space app with an added gaming element, allowing users to explore challenges and tasks to connect SAM Blocks together by playing in both the game and real life.

The Curious Kits are available at Barnes & Noble and at the company's website ( for a US retail price of $199.

SAM Labs will be showing the Curious Kit and its other products at CES in Las Vegas on Jan 5-8, 2017 in the Hardware Club.

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SAM is a collection of clever little blocks and a fun app for you to build all your awesome inventions. Each SAM Block has its own unique skill: a light, a motor, a button and more. Wirelessly connect SAM blocks together in the SAM Space app to program and customize your projects. SAM Labs was created by a team of engineers from Imperial College and artists from RCA. Connect with us at

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