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SAM Publishes 2011 Sustainability Yearbook

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - February 28, 2011) -

  • Reference guide to the world's leading companies in terms of sustainability
  • Feature on water-related risks explores three perspectives on corporate water mitigation
  • Eight U.S. companies named as SAM Sector Leaders

SAM, the investment boutique focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing, publishes its 7th annual Sustainability Yearbook 2011 (the Yearbook). Compiled in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the world's largest providers of assurance, tax, and business consulting services, the Yearbook presents a comprehensive overview of the results of SAM's 2010 Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

Top 15% of companies qualify for Yearbook inclusion
Each year, SAM invites the largest 2,500 companies from all sectors to participate in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), which consists of an in-depth analysis of companies' economic, environmental, and social issues with a focus on long-term value creation. In each of the 58 sectors, only the top 15% with a minimum total score of at least 60% of the score of the SAM Sector Leader qualify for inclusion in the Yearbook.

Sustainability excellence awards
Companies that lead their sectors in corporate sustainability receive recognition as Sector Leaders and companies that achieved the largest proportional improvement of their sustainability performance are recognized as Sector Movers. Out of the 409 companies that were included in the Yearbook, the following awards were given to companies: 103 SAM Gold Class, 92 SAM Silver Class, 77 SAM Bronze Class.

Michael Baldinger, CEO of SAM: "We look forward to the annual publication of the Yearbook as it gives SAM the chance to recap the year in corporate sustainability and to recognize those companies that have emerged as leaders in their sector. The Yearbook also provides a dynamic platform for SAM to vocalize its sustainability foresight and highlight decisive emerging trends such as water-related risks."

Distinction for U.S. companies
The Yearbook recognizes eight U.S. companies as SAM Sector Leaders: Alcoa, Baxter International, Caterpillar, Meadwestvaco Corp., Herman Miller, Nalco, PepsiCo, and United Health Group. Furthermore, 15 U.S. companies were awarded as SAM Gold Class (for further details please see the Yearbook).

Feature on water-related risks
This year's edition of the Yearbook explores some of the key drivers behind the water crisis and offers three perspectives (PwC, SAM, and Nestlé) on mitigating water-related risks. Highlights include the underlying trends of the water crisis and the impact of water challenges on current and future business practices. SAM recognized early the increasing importance that mitigating water related risks would have on the viability of a corporation in the long-term.

To underscore its importance, SAM integrated an extensive water-related risk criterion to its CSA last year. Thus, SAM ensures that a companies' ability to successfully manage water risks and tap water-related opportunities is aptly represented in their sustainability assessment. This is a direct reflection of SAM's commitment not only to stay on the cusp of emerging sustainability trends, but to continuously integrate them into its proprietary research methodology.

Sector-specific summaries of crucial sustainability opportunities and risks
For each of the 58 sectors, the Yearbook provides a summary of the associated sustainability opportunities and risks. In other words, this edition has 58 individual summaries, in which different sustainability topics are addressed depending on the sector. Furthermore, it highlights the unique economic, environmental and social dimensions that are relevant to the sustainability analysis of each sector. Overall, it gives readers the opportunity to magnify what is happening at the sector level with regard to sustainability.

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Company Categorization: Yearbook Methodology Overview

The world's 2,500 largest companies by free-float market capitalization and based on the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index are invited to participate in SAM's Corporate Sustainability Assessment every year. Based on a strictly quantitative approach, only the top 15% with a minimum total score of at least 60% of the score of the SAM Sector Leader in each of the 58 SAM sectors qualify for inclusion in the Sustainability Yearbook.

SAM Sector Leader and SAM Sector Mover:

SAM 2011 Sector Leader
  SAM 2011 Sector Mover
In each sector, the SAM Sector Leader is identified as the company best prepared to seize the opportunities and manage the risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments. The SAM Sector Leader is the company with the best score of all companies assessed in this sector.   Within the top 15% of each sector, the title of SAM Sector Mover is awarded to the company that achieved the biggest proportional improvement in its sustainability performance compared with last year.

SAM Gold, Silver, and Bronze Class:

SAM 2011 Gold Class   SAM 2011 Silver Class   SAM 2011 Bronze Class
To qualify for the SAM Gold Class, the SAM Sector Leader must achieve a minimum total score of 75%. Peer group companies whose total score is within 5% of the SAM Sector Leader are also awarded SAM Gold Class. A score up to 10% lower than the leader results in SAM Silver Class, a score up to 15% lower than the leader results in SAM Bronze Class.   To qualify for the SAM Silver Class, the SAM Sector Leader must achieve a total score in the range of 70-75%. Peer group companies whose total score is within 5% of the SAM Sector Leader are also awarded SAM Silver Class, while a score of 10% lower than the leader results in SAM Bronze Class.   To qualify for the SAM Bronze Class, the SAM Sector Leader must achieve a total score in the range of 65-70%. Peer group companies whose total score is within 5% of the SAM Sector Leader are also awarded SAM Bronze Class.

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About SAM
SAM is an investment boutique focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing. The firm's offering comprises asset management, indexes and private equity. Its asset management capabilities include a range of single-theme, multi-theme and core sustainability investment strategies catering to institutional asset owners and financial intermediaries in Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific. Through its index activities, SAM has partnered with Dow Jones Indexes for the publication and licensing of the globally recognized Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) as well as customized sustainability benchmarks. Based on its Corporate Sustainability Assessment, SAM has compiled one of the world's largest sustainability databases and analyzes over 2,000 listed companies annually. SAM's proprietary research and sustainability data are fully integrated into its offerings.

SAM is a member of the global asset manager Robeco, which was established in 1929 and offers a broad range of investment products and services. Robeco is committed to Responsible Investing (RI) and the group-wide implementation of RI principles. Within Robeco, SAM acts as the center of expertise for Clean Tech Private Equity. In addition, SAM represents Robeco in its domestic Swiss market, handling sales, client servicing and marketing on behalf of the parent company, its clients and products. Robeco is a subsidiary of the AAA (S&P) rated Rabobank Group (rating does not apply to any investment product and is subject to change). SAM was founded in 1995, is headquartered in Zurich and employs over 100 professionals. As of December 31, 2010, SAM's total assets amounted to USD 15.8 billion.

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