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July 19, 2011 16:00 ET

San Diego PRP Therapy Helps Patients Recover From Severe Back Pain

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 19, 2011) - Health Link Medical Center in San Diego has announced that it is offering Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma Injections or PRP Therapy, to help patients manage severe back pain, knee pain and arthritic ankles, joints, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, and hips. The treatment uses specialized adult stem cells to promote healing in arthritic and injured joints and tissues. PRP Therapy has successfully resolved pain for many patients who previously were dependent on prescription painkillers and steroid injections for pain management. Health Link Medical Center specializes in non-surgical pain management treatments for neuro-musculoskeletal pain.

Health Link Medical Center announced that it is offering pain patients in San Diego, PRP Therapy, a revolutionary treatment that helps patients suffering from osteoarthritis and joint injury. Scar tissue, caused by natural wear and tear or injury, can inhibit the proper movement of the joints, leading to significant pain.

PRP Therapy, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma Injections or Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy, is a treatment method that harvests specialized stem cells from a small amount of blood. These cells are precisely injected into the damaged tissue that has been caused by degenerating arthritic or injured joints and tissues. This is the only known treatment to increase cartilage growth.

"PRP Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that is just beginning to be offered to patients," said Dr. Jacob Flores, the director of Health Link Medical Center. "Many professional athletes including Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez have benefitted from PRP Therapy. We believe that all patients, not just professional athletes, should have access to the latest pain management and natural healthy treatment, and we are proud to offer this life changing treatment."

Many patients come to Health Link Medical Center after unsuccessful attempts to resolve back pain and heal joint injury. Patients undergo a musculoskeletal evaluation that often discovers extensive scar tissue around the joint or a lack of tissue. Using Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, doctors at the medical center are capable of visualizing the joint and surrounding tissues. Before and after imaging clearly shows the difference that PRP Therapy makes, as do the testimonials of patients.

"After being diagnosed with 'bone to bone' osteoarthritis in my left knee, I felt hopeless," said Orin D., a 65-year old patient. "I was overwhelmed by pain and did not sleep at night without tossing and turning. PRP Therapy changed my life. I can now walk three miles every morning without pain and sleep soundly at night."

PRP Therapy also changed the life of 66-year old artist, Anna Chellton. "I suffered from low back pain for years, undergoing several unsuccessful and incredibly painful surgeries. After the last surgery, a doctor cut a nerve in my back, and I was told that I could never walk again. PRP Therapy changed everything. I am painting again and active for the first time in decades. Most importantly, I don't struggle with back pain each day."

Real Estate broker, Charles Rea, also found relief from PRP Therapy. "In my early sixties, my doctor told me my hips were so bad that I would need a hip replacement. Instead of surgery, I chose PRP therapy. I'm so glad that I did -- I can now ride horses again without pain and lead an active life."

PRP Therapy requires specialized equipment and training, and is rarely available outside of major medical centers. Depending on the severity of damage to the joint, most people require a series of three injections for optimal results.

Prospective patients who have questions about whether PRP Therapy is right for them can visit Health Link Medical Center's website,, to learn more or to schedule a diagnostic appointment. Located in Oceanside, Health Link Medical Center specializes in non-surgical treatments of musculoskeletal pain and injuries.

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