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April 22, 2016 08:00 ET

San Diego Real Estate Agency Offers Networking Strategy for Buyers and Sellers

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - April 22, 2016) - "The Network" is an innovative real estate campaign launched by P.S. Platinum to help potential buyers and sellers quickly connect to a diverse group of property specialists.

Mary Mac Capener and her fellow real estate agents at P.S. Platinum have built a network of client-centric professional connections to give buyers and sellers an advantage over the competition. While most people who look to buy or sell a home are paired with a real estate agent, P.S. Platinum's innovative campaign, called "The Network", aims to show that partnering with experts in related fields allows clients to sell a house faster -- or find their dream home.

According to luxury real estate agent Mary Mac Capener, The Network facilitates a client-focused approach to buying or selling a house. Since the agents of P.S. Platinum already have relationships with a variety of valuable connections -- such as contractors, landscapers, designers, financial planners, and attorneys -- the agents' clients are able to reap the benefits of these relationships as well. By building a larger, more diverse, and knowledgeable team when buying or selling a house, the client can find support in all areas related to real estate. In addition, since each team is curated based upon the individual needs of the client, each buyer or seller can utilize services custom-tailored to achieve their unique goals.

For example, Capener has a long-standing professional partnership with Rancho Santa Fe interior designer Amy Meier. Since Capener has seen how Meier can both transform a space and increase a home's value, she recommends many of her clients renovate now rather than later. According to Capener, homeowners usually choose to renovate in order to increase the value of an investment or to improve the quality of the space to better suit their wants and needs. Meier's goal is to work with Capener's clients and show them how they can achieve both goals simultaneously. In addition to adding value to a home with prudent renovations, Meier believes careful design decisions can ultimately make a space work more fluidly with the client's lifestyle, ultimately increasing the client's overall happiness and satisfaction.

In a recent blog post, titled "Personalized Real Estate To Find Your Dream House," Capener elaborates on how P.S. Platinum's client-focused team approach can help a buyer discover a home's maximum potential during a walkthrough. "Amy [Meier] adds a whole new element to the process, opening up a home to previously unimagined remodeling possibilities," says Capener. While Capener provides clients with her expertise in current market value and neighborhood trends, Meier is able to help buyers see how each room can be tailored to achieve their desires. When combined, these skills often allow Capener's buyers to purchase their home at a lower price, complete renovations to complement their lifestyle, and quickly add significant value to the property.

About Mary Mac Capener

Mary Mac Capener provides her clients with exclusive access to her network of luxury real estate professionals throughout the San Diego area, including Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach and Del Mar. She aims to enhance the experience for her clients by tapping into the expertise of well-known and diverse authorities around San Diego, including financial planners, interior designers, and more. Mary Mac Capener is available for interview upon request.

About P.S. Platinum

P.S. Platinum is San Diego's premier boutique luxury brokerage. "The Network" is designed to provide their clients with exceptional support when buying or selling a home. Their experienced agents have connections to a matrix of experts in all fields related to real estate. With P.S. Platinum, clients have the opportunity to create a network of resources to achieve both their present and future real estate goals.

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