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June 24, 2009 13:02 ET

San Francisco Bay Area's DeYoe Wealth Management Cautions Economic Recovery May Be Slow and Volatile

BERKELEY, CA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2009) - With the S&P 500 up 35 percent since its low in March 2009, there are reports of expected economic recovery and growth along with the sense that the market will continue to move higher.

Jonathan DeYoe of DeYoe Wealth Management says caution is advised and offers three reasons why the recovery may be slow and volatile.

     1. Unemployment Growth: At the end of 2007, seven-million people were
        unemployed. Contrasting that figure with the U.S. Bureau of Labor
        Statistics report that 14.5 million were unemployed in May 2009,
        it's evident that there are seven-million incomes no longer
        dedicated to consumption. Because profits are ultimately derived
        from consumption, the fact that unemployment is expected to
        continue to grow by a half million each month will be a drag on
        the eventual recovery and on corporate profits.

     2. The New Frugality: The unemployed as well as those with jobs are
        choosing to spend less and pay down debt, which is a good practice
        for those serious about their financial futures, but it will affect
        economic recovery. The home equity lines and credit cards used to
        finance aggressive spending are gone, resulting in a chunk of
        spending that will probably not return for many years.

     3. Government Stimulus Paradox: Every dollar we borrow today will
        equate to more than a dollar out of future growth. When rates
        increase, the cost on the growing debt will eat up more and more of
        the GDP and it will be paid off by borrowing money, inflation, or
        increased taxes, all of which will hamper growth. However, if the
        government stimulus works, it will stimulate more growth today than
        it harms in the future.

While the economy is recovering, DeYoe says consumers should consider the following actions: "Have a plan, know how much of your income can be spent and how much to save, let go of the buy and hold mentality, and do not be afraid of taking profits or cutting losses short and quickly. Maintain an 'advance and protect' investment strategy. Look for solid balance sheets and dividends because as dividends are reinvested, the foundation will be laid for the next advance."

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