SOURCE: Author Dennis Bank

Author Dennis Bank

April 02, 2012 10:47 ET

'Sanctiprize' Offers Biblically-Based Remedies for Personal Recovery

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - Apr 2, 2012) - Dennis Bank, a minister and author of the new book "Sanctiprize,", dropped out of the seminary after finding its teaching seemed more about administration and man-made dogma than spirituality.

He looked to the Bible to seek its wisdom without the filter of religions and found it holds the keys to recovery, restoration and reconciliation -- with no requirement to chant prayers, submit to the authority of clergy, or mindlessly follow a religion's dictates.

"Many denominations have become vehicles for generating wealth and influence rather than places for people to get spiritual nourishment," he says. "A lot of Christianity is man-made; people go to church and they hear rhetoric. It's like a political rally; they leave feeling empty."

Using Scriptures, checklists and prayers tailored to specific issues, "Sanctiprize" spells out biblical solutions to the daily problems that vex people and create pain, distress, and destructive behavior. Those range from addressing harbored anger about a perceived hurt or injustice to personal insecurity issues to marital problems to feelings of victimization.

"It's 'The Five Love Languages' meets 'The Purpose-Driven' life," he says. "It is the essential 90- day guide to discover the authentic you!"

Bank wrote the book following 14 months of disastrous personal events, beginning with his wife leaving him and including serious financial difficulties and a couple of close brushes with death. His brother and sister were also going through marital problems and other problems, and the three pulled together to try to find help in the Bible.

"'Sanctiprize' is a step-by-step recovery process that a brother used in the most difficult wilderness experience of his life to fine wholeness, purpose and restoration to become the person he was created to be," Bank writes. "Oh, I still stumble and make my messes, but now my recovery to wholeness and peace is so very quick."

About Dennis Bank

Dennis Bank is a former officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and former businessman. He completed Calvary Chapel Bible School's study program and attended the University of Saskatchewan, Acts Seminary (British Columbia) and the Royal Mounted Police Academy. He is currently an unaffiliated, non-denominational minister who offers seminars on reconciliation and healing.

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