July 13, 2015 14:12 ET

Sanctuary Belize Prices Give Vacation Home Owners and Retirees Pause for Thought

Sanctuary Belize Provides Some Surprising Bang for the Buck When It Comes to Price in an Idyllic Location

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - July 13, 2015) - Sanctuary Belize prices may not be the only pleasant surprise real estate shoppers get when seeking retirement home or vacation home options. Sanctuary Belize locations are another plus that add to a long list of reasons retiring in Belize and at Sanctuary Belize makes sense.

Sanctuary Belize is creating a community of at least 1,700 home sites and condos that people can buy and live in. Whether they're looking for a vacation getaway or dreaming of living in a tropical paradise. The site spreads out amid an amazing complex of natural wonder on 14,000 acres that feature forest, river, pristine beach and rainforest, all within a vast wildlife preserve on the southeastern coastline of Belize.

Find the Sanctuary Belize location in the tropical heart of Central America, south of Mexico and east of Guatemala. Belize is just a short flight from the U.S. -- 2.5 hours from Dallas and Houston and 2 hours from Miami. Bordered on the east by the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, Belize beckons eco-travelers to explore its healthy Barrier Reef (the world's second largest), mysterious Mayan ruins, and unspoiled jungles. One can easily say that visitors will find more wildlife here than tourists.

Much like Costa Rica in the early 1990s and Hawaii in the 1960s, Belize is undergoing an unprecedented land rush, attracting speculators and developers who are quickly snapping up home sites across Belize's best locations. Yet, Belize remains a largely unexplored and untapped, full of opportunity. Those who visit for a quick getaway from the their U.S. domiciles find a country with thousands of acres of untamed rainforests, rugged mountains, stunning and secret coral reefs, uncharted Caribbean shores, and unspoiled cays.

Sanctuary Belize sees this paradise and believes the time is now, as baby-boomers start retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day, for retirees and vacation home buyers to consider living in Belize -- a country that offers excellent amenities, affordable healthcare, abundant recreation, and attractive tax benefits.

Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central and South America, which makes a decision, such as purchasing real estate, an easy negotiation. In addition, Belize partakes in a parliamentary democracy as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Belize is governed under a constitution established in 1981. That means Belize recognizes the British monarch as its own head of state, although its position and its powers are largely ceremonial. The Governor-General represents England's Queen Elizabeth II, also recognized as the Queen of Belize, in Belize.

Still, the legal system in Belize is modeled on the common law of England. Led by the Prime Minister of Belize who is also head of government, the parliament's cabinet is comprised of members of the majority political party who typically hold elected seats. This cabinet exercises executive authority in Belize.

Belize's tax climate, however, is much more favorable than might be found in other democratic nations. Long regarded as one of the T-7 Tax Havens, Belize offers investors an attractive option for internationalizing their finances and portfolios for asset protection and tax advantages -- a top reason that retirees and vacation home buyers are finding appealing options at Sanctuary Belize and its master-planned vision. That vision combines eco-sensitive development practices within an alluring expanse of homes, condos, marinas, hotels, shops and restaurants, a casino, a hospital and even wellness center.

"Our goal in creating Sanctuary Belize was to build something committed to environmental sustainability. We are creating a footprint that makes as much sense to the country and its people as it do to the people choosing to live and retire there," says John Usher, Sanctuary Belize board chairman.

Qualified visitors considering retiring and relocating to Belize are able to take advantage of the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP). Passed in 1999, the QRP is available to anyone over the age of 45 who can demonstrate a guaranteed income of at least US$2,000 a month. Admission to the program is easy and relatively inexpensive. Those who qualify are allowed to bring all household goods, a vehicle, boat and even an airplane into Belize free of import duties every five years. As an added incentive, residency is granted to QRP participants almost immediately.

As for owning a home in Sanctuary Belize, prospective residents choose a home site on any one of five ecological environments, from river to jungle to beach, and choose from model options, builders -- all the decisions one would move through in a U.S. master-planned new-build, with one small detail added: affordability.

Prospective owners like to see to believe and Sanctuary Belize makes that possible with four-day tours to Kanantik Resort to experience all the magic first-hand. The Kanantik Resort is a secluded jungle and beach resort with 25 bungalows built on 1,300 acres of pristine rainforest neighboring Sanctuary Belize. Nonstop flights from the United States arrive at the main International Airport in Belize City from many American cities, including New York, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Charlotte. Major air carriers that fly into Belize include American Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and Delta Airlines. From Belize City, Sanctuary Belize arranges a connector flight down to Kanantik's private airstrip via Maya Island Air. It's a 20-minute trip over incredibly beautiful countryside. Maya Island Air makes regularly scheduled direct flights each day.

Sanctuary Belize does everything it can to make the dream of building a vacation home or retirement home easy -- and surprisingly cost efficient. Buying in Belize may be the easiest buy of a lifetime. "Many people come for the amazing resorts and beaches in Belize, and many of them want to stay. So we make that possible," adds Usher. "It is easy to fall in love with Belize."

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