March 29, 2013 12:02 ET

Sanity Saving Spring Cleaning With Julie Edelman

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Mar 29, 2013) -  Julie Edelman shares her favorite sanity saving cleaning and preening tips that will help you tackle your spring cleaning to-do list!

We all know to clean the windows and curtains but there are many hidden spots we often overlook. As spring comes around, so do the allergies! The Swiffer 180° Duster with Gain scent has fluffy fibers to help trap and lock dust as opposed to the old-fashioned feather duster, which just moves it from one place to another. The Swiffer Duster can clean in those tight places like underneath furniture and inside the corners of picture frames... plus you will be multi-tasking since it leaves behind the joyful scent of Gain! With the time you'll save cleaning, you might as well go out to get a manicure.

Don't forget about your dishes and glassware, especially important to make your spring entertaining sparkle! With Cascade Platinum, there is no need to pre-wash dishes, saving you time and energy. Simply scrape off large food pieces and place them right into the dishwasher. Cascade Platinum tackles tough 24-hour stuck-on foods, and even helps prevent filming on the walls of your dishwasher machine -- which means one less appliance to worry about during Spring Cleaning.

For those items that you can't put in a dishwasher, like glass vases and fine glassware, here's another must-have: Dawn Ultra takes the elbow-grease out of everyday hand-washing because it contains double the grease-fighting ingredients versus the leading non-concentrated dish soap. The suds last longer! It can even be used to help freshen up the microwave plate by scrubbing away the build-up of food that tends to splatter and overflow. Dawn Ultra will leave those glass vases sparkling, so you can fill them with a beautiful bouquet of Spring flowers!

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