Royal Canadian Institute for Science

Royal Canadian Institute for Science

April 15, 2016 10:27 ET

Sanofi Pasteur Limited Wins Award for Science Outreach From Canada's Oldest Scientific Society

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 15, 2016) - Sanofi Pasteur Limited receives the William Edmond Logan Award from the Royal Canadian Institute for Science (RCIS). The award recognizes the organization's outstanding contributions to the public understanding of science.

Sanofi Pasteur Limited receives the Award in recognition of Sanofi BioGenius Canada (SBC), a high school biotechnology competition for which it is the founding and lead sponsor. Over more than two decades, the SBC has helped over 4,000 high school and CEGEP students pursue real-world scientific research projects that have been the launch pads to future biotechnology studies and careers. The program is delivered in partnership with Partners in Research, national coordinator for the SBC since 2013.

Having spearheaded the competition more than two decades ago, Mark Lievonen, Canada Country Chair and General Manager, Sanofi Pasteur, said the recognition is very meaningful. "We are proud that our organization fosters the talent of young Canadians through the SBC. For these efforts to be acknowledged by a respected institute like the RCIS is much appreciated."

Current RCIS President, Helle Tosine, said, "We are delighted to present this award to Sanofi Pasteur Limited, a company with a long history of using science for the benefit of Canadians through its vaccines, and a strong tradition of fostering a love of science among secondary students."

Like RCIS, Sanofi Pasteur Limited has a long history. Founded in 1914 as Connaught Laboratories, the company has researched and developed vaccines ranging from diphtheria to acellular pertussis. Today, Sanofi Pasteur Limited is the country's only full-scale vaccine company.

The RCIS is a platform for public engagement with leading scientists, featuring free live lectures and panel discussions and an extensive online archive. Founded in 1849, RCIS is among the oldest societies of any kind in Canada. For 167 years, we have worked towards the goal of an informed public that embraces science to build a stronger Canada.

We recognize excellence in Canadian science outreach with two awards: the Fleming Medal and the William Edmond Logan Award. William Edmond Logan was the Institute's 3rd President and presided over the granting of its Royal Charter from Queen Victoria. He is also the namesake of Canada's tallest mountain, Mt. Logan, and founder of the Geological Survey of Canada.

The William Edmond Logan Award will be presented at the 11th Annual RCIS Canadian Science Dinner, on the evening of April 21, 2016 at MaRS in Toronto. This unique and exciting evening gives an opportunity to talk science with some of Canada's top researchers and science policy experts.

Location: award will be presented at the Royal Canadian Institute for Science's 11th Annual Science Dinner, MaRS Auditorium, Toronto, Thursday, April 21, 7 PM.

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