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December 06, 2010 09:00 ET

SANpulse Establishes Enterprise Migration Best Practices for Global Organizations With Launch of Migration Practice

Solution Eases the Pain of Storage Refreshes With Innovative Technology, a Centralized Team and Consistent Processes

JERSEY CITY, NJ--(Marketwire - December 6, 2010) - Paving the path to the next generation data center through people, process and technology, SANpulse Technologies, Inc. today announced the SANpulse Migration Practice, providing standardized migration solutions for globally dispersed organizations to ensure greater efficiency and optimization of the storage migration process. The new practice utilizes SANease™ Methodology which is driven by its SANlogics™ software platform and executed by a centralized SANpulse team of migration experts. The SANpulse Migration Practice is the first to deliver scalability and repeatability as part of a larger construct that specifically supports ongoing technology refresh initiatives.

Standardizing enterprise migration practices across all geographic locations is essential for ensuring efficient and uninterrupted business operations throughout a technology refresh. Maintaining access to the same resources (people, processes and technology) is a challenge, especially for global organizations. When data centers are geographically distributed each regional IT team develops its own set of storage migration procedures. In many cases, each project manager, storage architect and storage implementer follow the standards and manual processes they think are best, resulting in a higher cost of execution and increased risk of error. In addition, the locally created processes lead to a lack of consistency in the implementation of standards across all global data centers.

"Storage migration and consolidation projects remain notoriously painful processes because of their complexity, error-prone procedures and resource-intensive requirements," said Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. "Having a team of migration professionals who are in-synch across highly distributed global enterprises and who recognize the business challenges of managing complex enterprise migrations can significantly reduce the risk and contain the cost of performing these operations."

SANpulse Migration Practice is a global software led solution that begins with an assessment of the targeted environment(s), including collection of various components of the infrastructure; host/server, fabric/switch and array configuration. The SANpulse SANease Methodology consists of processes driven by technology for data discovery and correlation, storage analytics and reporting for auditing/planning, and quality assurance on work file creations. The solution leverages automation and process consolidation to drive migration uniformity, overseen by a team of SANpulse domain experts. These experts implement global standards which are encapsulated, along with the lifecycle of migration activities, in a centralized application for future use.

A dedicated, centralized SANpulse team operates in conjunction with the internal storage operations team and/or with the vendor's hardware team to gain an understanding of the current processes, the target environment and the respective configuration(s) required. These processes are then integrated into a customized migration practice to allow for policy standardization and procedures to be followed throughout a storage migration/technology refresh. SANpulse oversees ongoing operation of the process based on the IT and business requirements of the organization.

The SANpulse Migration Practice includes:

  • The use of SANlogics software installed locally, centrally or from a SANpulse cloud-based model
  • Implementation of SANease Methodology to drive consistency in processes from data collection and correlation to generation and execution of migration work files
  • A dedicated team comprised of a local storage architect and project manager, supported offsite by the SANpulse center of excellence

"Technology refreshes are no longer a one-time event but a recurring activity," said Marie-Pierre Belanger, vice president of product management for SANpulse Technologies, Inc. "The SANpulse Migration Practice accelerates and optimizes technology refreshes within mixed physical/virtual environments and maintains consistency before, during and after these events occur. This delivers timely and more repeatable operations without excessive demands on over-burdened IT staff."

Pricing and Availability
The SANpulse Migration Practice is available immediately with flat rate pricing for one year and a monthly subscription to SANlogics software thereafter. There is no limit to the number of migration activities included in the flat rate -- more migrations encompassed in the practice result in a greater return on investment. The SANpulse Migration Practice is available to organizations globally.

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For Global Organizations with Launch of Migration Practice

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