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Panasonic Canada Inc.

November 30, 2006 06:59 ET

Santa’s Digital Imaging Workshop

The how-to guide to taking great pictures this holiday season

Attention: Assignment Editor, Lifestyle Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 30, 2006) - The moment is perfect. The family is tucked around a beautiful fire, stockings hang from the mantle in the background and you've even convinced Uncle John to lose the tacky reindeer sweater. You lean in to take what is sure to be the best family holiday portrait in history - yet your photos turn out blurred and distorted. What is the problem?

"New digital imaging technologies are making it easier than ever for any user, even beginner photographers, to take clear, blur-free images with their digital camera," says Doug Borbath, Panasonic Canada. "Using this technology along with a few pointers on lighting, removing shake and taking candid captures, you'll see a big improvement in your holiday photos this year."

With the right tricks up your sleeve, it's simple to fix some of the common shooting problems specific to the holiday season. Panasonic Canada offers you the following tips to make you look like a pro on Christmas morning!

- Beware the Flash. The variety of lighting during the holiday season, from the tree to the décor, can make capturing the best image somewhat challenging. Avoid using a flash unless you have to, especially when shooting indoors, as it tends to overexpose the image, and ruin more photos than it helps. If the room is too dark with just the tree lights or candles, try turning on an overhead light (preferably on a dimmer) to brighten the room slightly.

- Hold Still. One of the most common culprits of blurry images is camera movement, mainly caused by hand shake. Too much Eggnog? Compact cameras with Mega Optical Image Stabilization (Mega O.I.S.) will protect images from blur caused by camera/hand movement when the picture is snapped. Try and hold the camera close to your body with both hands to steady it and further reduce movement caused by depressing the shutter button.

- Follow the Action. Even if your hands are steady, your subjects may not be! Look for Panasonic's Lumix digital camera with Intelligent ISO Control. Designed to automatically compensate for a moving subject, this built-in feature will save many an image - allowing you to capture the snowball fight in action this year!

- Christmas Candids. Spice up seasonal pics by keeping your camera handy and snapping candid shots of family and friends just being themselves. Start a new tradition by using candid photos to surround the group portrait in a scrapbook or album, and add fun word bubbles and other graphics to bring the story to life.

- Frosty Frames. Want to capture the great job Dad did decorating the front of the house? Try shooting the scenery at twilight - the remaining colour in the sky, combined with the twinkling lights, will make for a stunning image. When shooting lights, don't use a flash, as this will over-illuminate your scene and the holiday lights won't stand out. Your LCD display should have a "Power LCD" option - when enabled, this function brightens the display, making it easier to shoot outdoors without a viewfinder (common in most new digital cameras).

- Gather the Troops. A big family can mean shooting the group photo from a far distance just to squeeze everyone in. To keep the image straight, put yourself at the same level or just below those you are snapping. Prevent your family from becoming specks on a background by looking for a digital camera with a 28mm wide-angle lens so you can fit more people in the shot without compromising detail.

- Find your Focal Point. To take a clear, focused image, try zooming in to focus on a small detail of one person's face (nose, eye), hold down the shutter partway and then zoom out to take the picture. This will keep everyone in focus.

What's the use of good photos if they aren't shared? Don't let those holiday captures sit idle on your computer; Panasonic's line of home theatre products allows you to share your images with your family and friends in the comfort of your living room. Simply insert your digital camera's SD card into a High Definition Photo Player, Viera Plasma television or DVD player to view your holiday memories on the big screen in vivid colour.

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All Panasonic Lumix digital cameras feature the exclusive MEGA Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology that reduces blurry photos caused by unsteady hands. New models also have a revolutionary Intelligent ISO Control, allowing the camera to automatically adjust the ISO setting to best suit the subject motion and light conditions. Large LCD screen sizes, extended battery life, variable aspect ratio and powerful zoom capabilities are just a few of the features found on Panasonic's full line of compact digital cameras.

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