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January 13, 2010 14:00 ET

SANYO Launches Professional Air Washer Plus™ for Commercial Environments, Suppressing VOCs, Airborne Germs, Bacteria, Odor, Mold, and Allergens

Offices and Other Public Gathering Spaces Benefit From Air Treated With Electrolyzed Water

WOOD DALE, IL--(Marketwire - January 13, 2010) - SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO) (PINKSHEETS: SANYY) today announces the launch of its professional Air Washer Plus™, an air purification system using electrolyzed water technology to treat air to suppress airborne pathogens such as germs and bacteria as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to reduce airborne pollen and allergy-causing dust, and to quickly eliminate unpleasant odors in the office or other public space.

The professional air purification system safely and effectively purifies over 20,000 cu.ft. per hour of indoor air, uses proven electrolyzed water technology, and comes with an automatic salt water dispenser for easy maintenance and efficacy.

The Air Washer Plus employs electrolyzed water technology tested and proven effective in suppressing airborne germs, bacteria, odors, allergens and mold through third party certification institutions including the Research Triangle Institute (RTI), a respected research firm based in North Carolina. With similar cleansing effects for air applications as found in other applications such as swimming pool sterilization systems and zero-detergent cycle washing machines, it literally "cleans the air with the power of water." More than 99% of germs are suppressed after a single pass through the disinfectant element with the electrolyzed water.

Able to treat large volumes of air in a short time period, the professional air purification system is recommended for a number of applications including commercial office spaces, municipal and government buildings, schools, pharmacies, health clinics, doctor office waiting areas, airports, retail stores, hotels and residential complexes.

The professional Air Washer Plus™ will be available through select channels of distribution that focus on creating healthier living and work environments for employees, customers and family members beginning mid-January 2010, with a suggested retail price of $5,599.99.

"SANYO, through combining its knowledge of HVAC systems and experience with electrolyzed water technology, has been able to create an air treatment solution for large gathering spaces," said Toshiaki Inoue, President, Biomedical and Environmental Solutions Division. "Electrolyzed water technology has already been proven effective in safely suppressing various bacteria and germs, not to mention the benefits in air treatment eliminating unwanted odors and allergens."

Professional "Air Washer Plus™" Main Features

1. Treats up to 20,000 ft(3) per hour on 'High' setting

2. Suppresses airborne germs and bacteria as well as VOCs, reduces allergens and mold, and eliminates odors with time-tested and proven electrolyzed water via a special disinfectant element

3. Automatic salt water dispenser for easy maintenance and effective cleansing power


SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. is a multi-billion dollar, leading company for energy and environment, providing solutions for environment, energy and lifestyle applications based on its brand vision 'Think GAIA.' Biomedical and Environmental Solutions, a division of SANYO North America Corporation (a subsidiary of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.), based in Wood Dale, Illinois, is a service and sales division that markets biomedical equipment such as laboratory equipment for pharmaceutical, life science and biotechnology applications as well as environmental related technology such as total system solutions for LEED certified offices and buildings. For more information on SANYO and to read the full release, visit

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