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September 28, 2015 08:00 ET

SAS Joins Envision America to Help Cities Use Analytics to Save Money and Improve Services and Quality of Life

CARY, NC--(Marketwired - September 28, 2015) - American cities have an abundance of data that has the potential to provide cost savings, improve citizen services and enhance quality of life. In addition to data from traditional administrative systems, they now have explosive emerging data sources, such as social media and the Internet of Things (IoT). Add to that expanding online services. All this data can fuel efficient and innovative city management -- if cities can harness it. To advance analytics as a cornerstone of city management, analytics leader SAS has joined Envision America.

An effort to launch smart-city initiatives in communities across the US, Envision America is the national expansion of the work done by Envision Charlotte.

SAS® Analytics has helped cities, states and countries worldwide improve citizen services, prevent losses from fraud, preserve natural resources, promote transportation alternatives, and more. Yet we're still at the early stages of helping American cities use data to serve their residents more effectively. As a member of Envision America, SAS will team with other leading companies to help cities use their vast stores of data to solve complex problems and improve quality of life.

More and more data will come from the IoT, in which devices communicate to each other and to databases via the Internet. Water, gas and electric meters, sensors on streets and bridges, street lights and countless other devices all provide invaluable data. For instance, bridge sensor data, communicated automatically to city engineers, might indicate a bridge is at a higher risk for collapse. But it takes advanced analytics to recognize and direct information into action.

SAS CEO Jim Goodnight said, "Combining IoT data with traditional administrative data opens up unimaginable opportunities for cities to drive down costs and raise up services and infrastructure."

Cities will adopt technologies such as:

  • Event stream processing, which analyzes data in massive volumes in near-real-time.
  • Contextual analytics, which spots trends and topics buried in unstructured data such as social media.
  • Data visualization, which presents large amounts of data in easy-to-grasp charts and graphs.

Learn more about the Internet of Things and how event stream processing helps you understand the IoT's rapid fire data streams.

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