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September 29, 2015 08:00 ET

SAS® Data Management Transforms Companies From Data Hoarders to Data Masters

Businesses Stop Squirrelling Away Data, Start Using It Effectively, With Transparency and Speed

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - September 29, 2015) - STRATA + HADOOP WORLD - Without realizing it, many organizations have become data hoarders. Increased volume from streaming sources and the affordability of storage leaves data gathering dust in unseen corners. And while it's nothing like homes sinking under a musty pile of old magazines, data hoarders do face critical business risks. That's why SAS has updated its data management suite of software.

There are certainly benefits to storing large amounts of data. But they will only be realized if data scientists and IT personnel can easily identify and use the right data at the right time. Rather than being bogged down locating, accessing, cleaning and merging data, data scientists should be providing higher-value analysis. And business users need self-service tools to empower important analysis.

To solve these problems, SAS has updated its data management suite of software: SAS® Data Loader for Hadoop, SAS Event Stream Processing, SAS Data Management, SAS Data Quality and SAS Enterprise Decision Manager.

"No matter how much storage your organization has, at some point it will reach its limit. The Internet of Things, smart devices and other streaming data sources are creating data so fast, we cannot possibly keep up," said Fiona McNeill, Global Product Marketing Manager at SAS. "The answer is not to buy more storage, but rather to be smarter about what we keep and how we access and use it."

Drive better analytics with better data

It truly all begins with the data -- and a stronger, trusted foundation that translates to better decisions and, ultimately, improved productivity. Today's update includes significant enhancements in big data quality capabilities, providing the backbone for improved data management.

Manage data beyond boundaries

SAS is increasingly extending data management to where your data lives: in stream, in database, in memory, in cloud and beyond. That improves productivity and performance by giving users complete access to all their critical data and running processes in the most appropriate, best-performing environment. For example, SAS can run data quality or analytics functions in stream, in Spark or in Hadoop.

Awaken the data

With advanced analytics, users can automate and augment manual tasks with machine learning for improved productivity. For example, SAS Data Quality enables data scientists to categorize and extract meaningful values from structured, unstructured and semistructured data. SAS Decision Manager can perform automatic rules discovery to augment existing analytical models for improved decisions. And SAS Event Stream Processing can detect event patterns across multiple streams for improved insight.

"SAS Data Management and SAS Data Quality have helped us improve the productivity of our agency by providing staff efficient access to data, speeding up the pace of workflows, and enabling us to modernize key business processes," said John Taylor from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

"SAS also provided the ability to profile, clean and blend data from disparate data sources. This has allowed our IT department to be more productive by alleviating work requests to compile data, effectively reducing the time spent by IT to provision data. The savings in staff time across the agency, as well as software and hardware savings realized from our implementation of SAS, has been recognized by our administration as proof that our investment in SAS was a wise decision.

"In addition to the enhanced capabilities provided by the SAS software," continued Taylor, "the counsel of SAS staff helped us exceed our initial goals in helping our analysts prepare data products for our internal data consumers. They now spend far less time on data preparation tasks and much more time generating valuable insights through data-driven decision making that helps our agency better meet the mission of serving our constituents."

SAS Data Management replaces the mundane and manual with integrated, embedded and automated capabilities. By freeing organizations from reactive data management and maintenance, SAS helps them realize the transformative power of technology to generate business value now and in the future.

"The ability to organize, manage and process data pouring in from both traditional and emerging sources is critical," said Matthew Magne, SAS Global Product Marketing Manager. "SAS understands analytics. And we've embedded best practices into our data management software to support even the most complex analytics, to deliver consistent and accurate data."

For more information, please download SAS' Data Management Backgrounder: What It Is and Why It Matters. SAS has also made available an infographic on the importance of data management.

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