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June 23, 2015 08:00 ET

SAS® Powers Smart Energy Distribution in Belgium for Eandis

Data Management and Self-Service Analytics Help Tackle Big Data to Meet EU's 2020 Targets

CARY, NC--(Marketwired - June 23, 2015) - Eandis, one of the largest gas and electricity distribution grid operators in Belgium, has invested in SAS® to discover more valuable insights from its data -- faster. Using SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Data Management, the company will combine and explore high volumes of data pouring in from different sources, including SAP, to improve distribution and meet EU 2020 goals for efficiency.

Eandis ensures that electricity and natural gas reach individual and business customers efficiently by maintaining distribution systems and consumer connections to the grid. Improved data management, analytics and self-service visualization will enable Eandis to make decisions in hours instead of days or weeks and provide deeper insights to its customers. Greater insights into energy usage patterns will pinpoint where energy distribution is not efficient so Eandis can quickly resolve issues or recommend investments that will yield the greatest improvements to grid efficiency.

"The energy landscape is changing at lightning speed, and we know that responding as efficiently as possible requires actively managing the grid," said Jean-Pierre Hollevoet, Director of Network Management at Eandis. "Analytics are essential to managing that change in a way that delivers value for our customers. With SAS Visual Analytics, I can do more than recognize insights on a dashboard; I can share insights quickly and enable others to participate meaningfully in the decision-making process."

An overarching reason for improving grid efficiency is to meet the European Union's goal of a 20 percent increase in energy efficiency by 2020. Eandis is one of many energy companies boosting its use of analytics, data integration and data visualization to meet the ambitious target. The technologies are critical to keep pace with new "smart" technologies, like smart meters and smart grids, and create value from the resulting influx of data from the Internet of Things, the growing network of everyday objects that generate data.

"Smart grid technologies are generating massive data stores that hold the secrets to greater operational efficiencies," said Alyssa Farrell, Global Product Marketing Manager of the Energy Practice at SAS. "Eandis understands that unlocking fresh insights requires technologies not just to organize, integrate and analyze that data, but to present it in a way that business users can understand. With SAS, they can put critical, timely information into the hands of consumers and utilities alike, helping advance Belgium and the industry toward ambitious EU goals."

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About Eandis

Eandis cvba is the independent company that carries out operational tasks and public service obligations for electricity and gas for seven Flemish Distribution System Operators, which together cover approx. 80 percent of the Flemish market. Eandis is responsible for around 2.6 million connections for electricity and 1.7 million connections for gas.

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